Are advertisements for constituency surgeries paid for by …

Comment posted Reader queries strange council advertising by HMF.

Are advertisements for constituency surgeries paid for by the council, or by the member’s party, or by the member themself, or out of a council “member’s services” fund? I genuinely don’t know, and I would welcome the info.

Recent comments by HMF

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    Also, most (not all) wind turbine generators require an existing 50Hz AC system to feed into, to make the inverters (from DC to AC) operate correctly. There are newer devices becoming available, which can invert from DC to AC without an existing system, but I understand they are not widely used yet.
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    But are Ministers OBLIGED under the Act to accept the responsibility, at all?

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    On the point of “more trees felled for letters”, one English hospital trust got into a muddle over multiple appointments, so it started to send confirming letters to all outpatients inviting them to confirm, but the patients got two/three/more letters in the same post, all contradicting the other letters, so patients ignored the lot. This didn’t help the patients, and the “did not attend” figures simply became unusable. That’s progress.

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10 Responses to Are advertisements for constituency surgeries paid for by …

  1. Back to the source

    Three adverts in one. Planning / Surgery / Planning

    Where else? Same advert as
    possibly only showing this week, updated next.

    Maybe saving money in bulk, maybe sneaking in an advert for surgery between public notices.

    Maybe Sally forgot to pull the Surgery from the Helensburgh paper version.

    Maybe take the opportunity, it’s a last chance to see Dick before May, look at yesterday’s man, say goodbye to him. Thanks, Sally

    Why did it happen?
    I had a quote in mind, a better version for Kilmory is

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don’t rule out malice. (Wikipedia)

    Perhaps it was frugality. perhaps Copy and Paste. Maybe they should have kept their Communications Officer in the loop.

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  2. Walet B – what a load of tosh “Maybe take the opportunity, it’s a last chance to see Dick before May, look at yesterday’s man, say goodbye to him”

    Wanna bet if Dick walsh stands – he’ll win. :)

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    • I’m no great supporter of Dick Walsh but…..he at least does hold surgeries, giving people a chance to have their say. Unlike his fellow councillors for Cowal who ” are available ” if you want to ‘phone them. Do the non surgery holding councillors have their adverts paid for them ? Can we call them and reverse the charges as they receive a generous telephone allowance ?

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  3. Agreed. Actually holding regular surgeries in Innellan shows a respect for the job.

    To be fair to the rural councillors though, the problem is where you actually hold a surgery with a small and widely dispersed local population. In that scenario, being always available is a decent response to the reality.

    The reverse-charge phone call is an attractively mischievous note.

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    • Councillor Walsh also holds surgeries in Dunoon.
      All areas have community centres or a village hall or even a hotel room where councillors could meet their public. If you have a point to make you would travel to see him (her) face to face. I was once told by someone from Castle Kilmory that councillors were under no obligation to talk to anybody. So there…………

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  4. I agree that it is good practice for councillors to hold regular surgeries to allow people to meet and discuss issues with them and I applaud those that find the time do this. I am guessing they are often not that well used be people (although could be wrong and maybe some of our councillors could provide info on this) but it is right that there is regular opportunity for those that do wish to make use of it.

    Given that then I think Cllr Walsh should be applauded for holding regular ones as should others that do likewise (I know for instance that Cllr Freeman holds surgeries once a month, every month). The opportunity to call or e-mail councillors is, of course, always there but I don’t always find this is as useful due to the lack of face to face contact and opportunity to discuss and debate. I would also say that some councillors are better than others when it comes to responding to e-mail contact. I find that most (though not all) will respond in some way or form but not always to the questions posed or in a manner that encourages further involvement. There are some who I have always found very responsive to e-mails (and I include ones within the administration, the SNP, Argyll First, the real independents and also non aligned) and a number who fail miserably to offer any credible response.

    I also think Simon is right that Cllr Walsh probably will be returned in May. My hope is that he is returned as an opposition councillor rather than an administration one.

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