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Neil – In my experience owners of small …

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Neil – In my experience owners of small businesses don’t have the luxury of working for an hourly rate. By the time they pay staff salaries, employers NI contributions, insurances, rent, corporation tax, VAT, suppliers, telephone bills, electricity bills and so on, they feel fortunate if they are able to draw enough to personally survive at the end of the month.
So many people like JimB think business owners must be earning a fortune because they work for themself but they have absolutely no idea of the reality of small business, it’s a day-to-day struggle to keep your head above water.
The Council certainly doesn’t help. They say how good they are at working with local business but they don’t. The current administration have the belief that bigger is better and they will engineer their procurement process in such a way that local companies don’t stand a chance.
National companies have departments purely dedicated to producing tender documents for bids, how can local owners who are responsible for doing everything in their business possibly compete against that.
As Kats said, the Council is run by people who haven’t a clue about business or how they operate. They will take on companies who don’t give a stuff about A&B and it’s lack of employment. They will actively recruit people from outwith the area knowing fine well that they only come to do the work and then return to whence they came during their days off. And they don’t spend a single penny locally.
Sorry if this goes against the main thrust of the thread in relation to what the Council has done with the day, which does sound very positive. Will they still have the same enthusiasm if the current administration are re-elected and don’t need to score any more brownie points with the electorate.

Scruff also commented

  • JimB – do you actually mean this or are you trying to be provocative?
    15% of all employment in A&B is currently in the tourism industry, should this not be encouraged? Or should we all simply rely on the state to pay for everything?
    The majority of ‘local business people’ probably earn a lot less than the minimum wage.

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