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Don’t know – it was not mentioned today. …

Comment posted Waitrose has £325k on table for Tuesday planning hearing – and opposition rolls in by PBP.

Don’t know – it was not mentioned today. Don’t suppose Sainsburys could have an interest?

PBP also commented

  • A long hot day, but full marks to the Helensburgh area public for their active participation.

    The right result too, so long as Waitrose are not put off by the vastly increased ‘mitigation payment’.

    On a wider stage, Government should be looking at how such payments, which are pure and simple bribery, could be regulated.

  • But he did.
  • It is about For Argyll itself, which in many respects I admire but which does not seem to have much of a clue about Helensburgh.

    This morning at the hearing it was made clear, through various surveys, that thousands were in favour of Waitrose at Colgrain, and that there was a roughly 55-45 split against a pier supermarket.

    Yet For Argyll has consistently claimed the opposite in both cases.

    Today there is a huge attendance of Waitrose supporters and, so far, six objectors have put their heads above the parapet.

    Interestingly, the only person booed this morning was the representative of Helensburgh Retailers Association.

    If I was the editor of For Argyll, at this point I would be questioning the quality of the reporting.

  • The former Argyll before it was lucky enough to land the cash cow of Helensburgh and District.
  • Helensburgh has rejected a supermarket on the pier three times in the past decade. How many more times do you need to hear it?

    That being the case, the rest of your argument falls. I am beginning to think we need a For Helensburgh website, leaving you to concentrate on the old Argyll area where you are clearly better informed.

Recent comments by PBP

  • Helensburgh’s Colquhoun Square revision a continuing and maturing asset
    Not Council haters, Bob, just new Colquhoun Square haters. Helensburgh Civic Centre is a superb example of how to blend old and new; Colquhoun Square is a fine example of how not to.
  • Helensburgh’s Colquhoun Square revision a continuing and maturing asset
    Not only are they already looking scruffy, you have to get on your knees to read the already fading text on these mini-monuments, which also provide the biggest obstacle course for the blind in the West of Scotland.

    What is already known locally as ‘the concrete jungle’ will be a complete eyesore in no time if the present level of non-maintenance is maintained..

    Too think we sacrificed a classic and beautiful Victorian town square for this!

  • Helensburgh’s Outdoor Museum shortlisted for FK Interior Design Award
    Can’t believe this waste of money is up for an award. You have to be on your knees to read any text on the plinths, and when you do it is material readily available from other sources. Meanwhile the plinths provide a massive obstacle course for the blind, scattered merrily around what has been turned into a totally sterile town square.
  • Tactical voting in Argyll and Bute: Alan Reid the most likely pro-union consensus candidate
    The SNP have also single-handedly destroyed Scotland’s licensed trade, restaurants, and private clubs with their grossly restrictive alcohol driving limit legislation, changing the pattern of life for so many who now do not bother to go out. Pubs and clubs are closing all over the place, and many more will follow.
  • Boyne LIVE for Helensburgh
    Yet another woeful decision from Argyll and Bute Council. I trust the Council will be fully responsible for any costs arising and that, as they are now responsible for enforcing parking regulations, they will be out in force to do so.

    Yet another blow to local commerce after the years of mismanagement of the CHORD project and other works. It is hard to imagine any town centre shops and businesses staying open that day.

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