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You are incredibly gullible and plain wrong if …

Comment posted Are tenant farmers, let down by bad law, also snagged in politics? by Islay for ever.

You are incredibly gullible and plain wrong if you think only Wiseman are cutting milk prices to farmers . Dairy Crest were first to do so and the rest are about to follow , with a strong possibility prices may be as low as 22 pence per litre to farmers by this autumn .

Islay for ever also commented

  • Further depressing news for tenant dairy farmers , with Wisemans confirming another 1.7 pence per litre price cut from 1st August and other dairy companies set to follow resulting in the biggest ever gap between the cost of production and the price received by farmers .
  • You bury your head in the sand if you like , today Arla is the latest milk processor to drop the price paid to farmers by two pence per litre .
  • Tenant farmers throughout the country will be feeling more despondent than ever with the news that dairy companies are cutting 2 pence per litre from the price the farmers receive

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