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Robert — I guess we can not store …

Comment posted Marine Scotland identifies 15 new Scottish sea areas for offshore wind by Roddy Campbell.

Robert — I guess we can not store electricity very efficiently. I think the main rant seems to be that wind turbines are highly subsidized by the consumer, hence the rising lecky price. In other words, every and any party who decides to install a wind turbine actually scoops the business rewards from the consumer. The dosh is collected from consumer’s via pricing then passed to the operators via “schemes”. Schemes being the key word. There’s a gov e-petition on this:

Roddy Campbell also commented

  • Can someone please explain me what the forecast for CONSUMER benefit is with all this green energy? There may be excellent job & business opportunities but energy prices are soaring and there’s never been so many turbines as we have now. I thought the whole idea was cheaper energy generated by FREE wind,waves & tides? Maybe that’s where my error lies, maybe the only point is to save other fuels like coal & oil???

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  • Collisions between environmentalists and salmon farmers in evidence to Holyrood committee
    That’s right Ewen. Here’s a map showing where the £3million “repair” work funds went. This project was called the Conservation of Atlantic Salmon Scotland. Spot anything unusual about it?
  • Major development in sustainable future for European aquaculture
    Yes, you can bleach any of your hairs with a 3% solution max. But try 50% tonight and ask a friend to post us tomorrow morning on how your head looks. That’s the solution % getting poured into the sea by the tanker load out here at the minute. Pity we can’t post photos on these forums.
  • Major development in sustainable future for European aquaculture
    Spot on John and right up our street at the moment. We are having tanker loads of hydrogen peroxide arriving on the islands here to treat the huge outbreak of gill disease. We had a very nice letter from MH telling us that H2O2 is absolutely harmless and breaks down in water. But we are asking them to confirm what effect it has on plankton UNTIL such time as it breaks down and how long it takes to break down.. No answer forthcoming, looks like we have committed the abominable sin again by asking salmon farmers some simple questions. If we believe everything they write and don’t question their science, then they are our best friends.
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    Ok, you asked for this one again I’m afraid: it takes 3 – 5 kg of wild fish to create 1kg of salmon. And the wild fish used all contain omega3.
  • Major development in sustainable future for European aquaculture
    Spot on re omega3. Of course farmed salmon is the only fish available that contains it lol! Another victim of corporate marketing, how sad ….. a country awash with cheap crap produce, what a pity.

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