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Comment posted Argyll First celebrate unanimous decision to return power to full council by mclovin.


mclovin also commented

  • the snp cannot be trusted , get them out .

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26 Responses to Stoning …

  1. When they finish the champagne , Argyll First might like to reflect on the fact , that thanks to them ,power in Argyll & Bute rests with a tightly whipped SNP group controlled by Michael Russell and SNP high command hellbent on destroying the United Kingdom as their number one priority .

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    • Ife – whatever you think about the national aims of the SNP, the councillors are elected to run Argyll & Bute, and you’re completely missing the point of this thread. If, heaven forfend, there are many people who would criticise Argyll First as you are, then local government really would go to the dogs.

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    • Perhaps IFE would give us the benefit of their wisdom & tell us what their preferred option would have been in the light of the votes cast & the candidates elected in May.

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    • Change the record Islay, you are starting to bore people, in fact I keep a bucket of water handy to duck my heid in after I read one your posts to keep from bursting my heid

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  2. I would like to congratulate Argyll First for doggedly pursuing this despite receiving so little support initially.

    In light of Islay’s post I would also like to congratulate the A&B SNP group – I had no idea that they had such control over the destiny of the whole of Scotland. It would appear that independence will be won and lost by our local Councillors – who would have thought!

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    • The power of councillors is wide ranging. A couple of Council elections ago, the Conservative/Independent candidate in the Holy Loch ward was telling voters with an English accent that if the SNP candidate was successful, they would be sent back to England. When they stopped laughing, many of them joined the SNP.

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  3. “When they finish the champagne , Argyll First might like to reflect on the fact , that thanks to them ,power in Argyll & Bute rests with a tightly whipped SNP group controlled by Michael Russell and SNP high command hellbent on destroying the United Kingdom as their number one priority”

    Islay for ever, you say the SNP are hellbent on destroying the UK? It is not and never has been the SNP’s aims to have the UK’s best interests at heart. The clue to the SNP’s intentions or motives is in the the S and the N, the interests of Scotland the Nation. It is not to destroy the UK, why should they have any interest in the UK? The SNP, for their sins, a real Scottish political party who’s interets are solely for the people who reside in Scotland. If you are looking to apportion blame for the demise in the UK and its, in my opinion, eventual disintegration, take a long hard look at where we are today, the embarrassing and ever widening gap between rich and poor, depravation in our towns and cities, lack of opportunity for graduates/school leavers, retention and maintenance of the abhorent wmd’s at Faslane, lack of respect for authority, drug addiction, I could go on and on. All these ails whilst being governed by Westminster Tory, Labour, Tory, Labour,Tory when will we break this cycle, come on the level headed people of Scotland, time to put this wonderful country right, to lead the way. If a party looking after the interests of its county’s residents has the knock on effect of ‘destroying the UK’ then so be it, but the SNP cannot be blamed for the intentions it came into existence for in 1934.

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    • Jnr Tick,
      A well crafted response but wasted on IslayForever who appears to be a reincarnation of Kintyre1 with roots in Esher and naive political ambitions.

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  4. Islay for ever is probably doubled up with mirth at the above posts.

    Naive you say? Apparently independence will instantly solve the drugs problem and deprivation in our cities, not to mention wealth redistribution – now that is naive.

    From what we have seen so far they will solve the deprivation problems in a large corridor running from Inverness to Edinburgh and we all know how deprived that is! As for Argyll I do not expect to see anything from The Silly Notions Party.

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    • Nobody ever said that Independence will cure all ills.

      But Dependence is doing nothing for us now, so perhaps a change of direction?

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  5. Just wondering where in my reply to ‘Islay for ever’s’ post did I mention the word instantly? Independence might however go some way to solving people’s inability to quote from posts accurately by getting Scotland’s education system back to the way it used to be, revered throughout the world. Sadly, like many other things here in Scotland, eroding, gradually becomming mediocre. Given time, in an Independent Scotland whichever government, be it Labour, Conservative, SNP or other, can implement real change, change that can revolutionise the way we all live, get back a sense of pride in where we live and who we are instead of a future of generations who are disassociated, disillusioned apathetic to anything that really matters in life. Jim B, what do people like yourself expect to see in a future Scotland as part of this wonderful UK? more of the same?, except even more of a decline I think. Why? Because the Unionists of this country, Scotland, expect radical change for the better will surely happen some time, some year, some decade, just keep putting the same old Westminster Labour then Tory governments in down south and they’ll see us all right, time to be brave and believe in your fellow countrymen and women that together here in Scotland we have both the resources and the intellect to make it work. I’m quite young, but admittedly and ashamedly have been naive to think Scotland lacked the attributes I have just mentioned for long enough, read to many rags, believed too many ill-informed anti-Independence people, but since the invention of platforms such as this, many of the myths of ‘paradise Union’ and ‘poor skint havnae got the intelligence Scotland’ can be quickly and easily dispelled. Incidently, the contempt shown to us by both the media and Westminster’s misinforming leaves a nasty taste in the mouth creating individualls like myself who will follow the Independence goal until my dying breath, if neccessary.

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    • You say you want to see education in Scotland back to the high standard it enjoyed previously .
      Education in Scotland is devolved to Holyrood , so Scottish politicans have had 13 years of full powers on the issue and a doubling of resources .
      Independence would do nothing to change the prospects of Scottish education in a positive direction .

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      • I’ve said it before elsewhere but I think it’s worth repeating – anyone who can’t actually spell independence shouldn’t really be debating it.

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        • Wouldn’t that count out a number of the 16 year olds that the SNP want to give the choice to?

          To be fair I rarely, if ever agree with Islay for Ever, but I don’t feel resorting to cheap shots about spelling is the way forward. There will surely be enough cheap shots being made by all political parties in the coming months and years to satisfy any desire for them!

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          • sorry, you’re probably right Integrity…. but you’ve made a wee bit of a cheap shot at 16 year olds there! :)

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      • O dear a spelling mistake in a comment about education .
        I thought I had gained a good grasp of spelling at my small local primary school now sadly closed .

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    • JT – since you tagged my name to a question in your post I suppose it behoves me to reply.

      It is not so much a case of foreseeing some magnificent event in the Union that will suddenly bring riches to Scotland and its people but rather potential dangers in being seperated from the rest of the UK.

      In your lifetime the world will have to tackle monumental problems if the human race is to survive, e.g. population control, climate change, food production, water distribution to name but a few. The solving of these survival issues will become more difficult with the political scene fragmented into smaller and smaller countries. This is the longer view.

      In the shorter term we are promised the Kingdom of Heaven by SNP activists like yourself but have experienced blatant lies and incompetence from the SNP government not to mention childish games like the announcing of the bathtub boats AFTER the election. The documents surrounding the bids for new/refurbished schools were apparently incompetently written and there have been other examples. Doesn’t give me confidence!

      We are entering a scenario where western influence in the world is waning. China, India and possibly other eastern countries are in the ascendancy – even the US is begining to realise this. Small countries will be swept aside in the rush to dominate the new world order.

      Whilst I admire your youthful zeal and confidence, as I approach my 3 score years and ten in the ‘varsity of life I think your confidence is misplaced.

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  6. Argyll First are a bunch of chancers and publicity whores. A wee bird has just told me that the Turncoat Tory (Kelly) and the Gutterman (McAlpine) didn’t even turn up to this council meeting to support this. Only Philand seems to have any integrity in this queer alliance.

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  7. Talking about “Turncoat Tory (Kelly)” – I read in last weeks Dunoon Observer (still going Newsie depsite your ‘exclusive’ about impending doom last year… ;)) that the aforesaid Turncoat Tory is threatening to blockade the Scottish Parliament if the SNP Govt don’t extract the digit re the A83.

    Really, is there no begining to this man’s talents?

    He is publicly saying he will break the Law to further his own political end. Didn’t an erstwhile Tory leader, one Maggie of the Thatch, lecture us all once (during the miners strike) pointing out that “you cannot choose which Laws to obeserve”.

    What does the Tory Leader in Scotland say about this threatof illegal action from one her party’s Councillors?

    And indeed what does the local SNP leader McCuish make of all this? One of his alliance allies threatening not only to break the Law but to to attempt to blockade the SNP Govt in Edinburgh.Is happy to be assoicated with this numpty?

    I think we should be told :)

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    • Given that over the years you could be forgiven for thinking that the Brussels – rather than the Edinburgh – regime sometimes cares more for our Argyll trunk roads, is it any wonder that people’s minds turn to thoughts of civil disobedience?

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