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Important subject spoiled by aggressive undertones of point …

Comment posted License charges for performances in Argyll and Bute: Russell warns of cultural threat by Iain Hurrel.

Important subject spoiled by aggressive undertones of point scoring against previous administration. Im very sure you would not have writen that, knowing that you have not already sorted it out.

Maybe you could now move on to the ferries and sort that out. However always good to know the out come before it happens.

Iain Hurrel also commented

  • Yes Simon I’m sure that’s going to be the way, it does seem to be a sort of retirement plan or re shuffle thing for votes, but I think this time it will be diff, as most said or made out its not about the money anymore its about the area and I’m sure you will start to see Cllrs now forgoing these benefits / payments as a point of principle.

    I don’t really have any political stand as it all seems to just get worse and the promises bigger and more out outlandish by the week, with as much back stabbing as poss.

    What I find really annoying is newly elected Cllr’s with no track record to speak of slagging off Guy’s like Dick Walsh who most in Scottish politics could not hold a light to and only dream of a career / record like his. I remember only 30 yrs ago seeing Mr Walsh fill his car locally at the petrol station most mornings at around 7 in the morning and not always the same one (spread the love around)in a type of way? 30 yrs on its still the same, week in week out. I’ve never met another Cllr in all that time or seen one work so hard for the people of Dunoon, although it started before that i’m sure?

    It makes me smile when you hear the trumpets of what we are going to do and how we are going to do it when we get in. Just that the trumpets stop not long after that and voices are not heard until the next election. there are Hard working Cllrs and that’s why they get back in, in most cases.

    Personally I think Mr Walsh has done a truly incredible job of running the area in his time in office. Im glad that’s he’s not back in as Head of the Council as I think he may enjoy it very much more where he is now and has completed a very long shift for his area and ward. he;s better placed to actually make sure the administration get it right and stand by the election promises and not let them away with madness and really messing it all up.
    The ferries thing will go away, but prob altogether now.
    Anyway well done everyone that want to be a Cllr

    Mr Walsh enjoy your new role of watch dog. Back to the pumps no doubt?

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