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Gus – that’s nonsense – and I was …

Comment posted New local leader, Roddy McCuish, says SNP has moved from protest to progress by Robert Wakeham.

Gus – that’s nonsense – and I was born in England; just because someone is an SNP supporter doesn’t mean to say they’re ‘vile anti English’. You seem to suffer from the party political polarisation that influences some of the comment on this website, to everyone’s disadvantage.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • If everyone ignored them they might just evaporate.
  • Good points, Ken, but I have to admit to a certain nostalgia for the old days of Argyll County council when everyone appeared to stand solely on their own merits and for their personal beliefs, rather than attaching themselves to a political party (or even, these days, occasionally serially re-attaching themselves to more than one party) I’m sure some of them were true-blue Conservative, but they didn’t trade on it and I can remember the surprise when a Kintyre councillor announced publicly that he was a Labour man, and I think this was the first time party politics got much attention.
    I always thought – however naively – that local government was all the better for not having the party poltical baggage of central government. There was less temptation to spend time on national issues rather than concentrating on matters of real local concern.
  • Ah – party politics – white as the driven snow!
  • Is that Paddy Power, Neil?

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    I wonder what caused the Hebridean Isles’ heavy contact with Kennacraig pier?
    The Isle of Arran got into trouble in West Loch Tarbert in 2010 when a mechanical failure led to just such a heavy contact with Kennacraig pier, but that was in February just days before she was due into drydock anyway.
    And there must be a question about to just what degree Calmac’s ship breakdowns are simply due to the age of their fleet, if the Finlaggan’s mezzanine deck was inoperable just when it was most needed.
  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons
    That ‘someone petty enough…’ is obviously alive, if not well.
  • Luss Estates opens unmanned 24 hour filling station in Luss car park – and Arrochar Mountain Rescue was first user
    A good move – and it joins the considerable number of 24-hour electric car charging points that have been ‘rolled out’ in Argyll in the last few years.
  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons
    And Mr Swinney’s got such a mild and reasonable manner for someone defending a measure that (even if he hasn’t the nous to realise it) has just that wee bit of a whiff of authoritarianism about it.
    It’d get a wry smile from George Orwell.
  • Charity seeks volunteers for 2016 Great British Beach Clean
    Where do you get the hearsay criticism of ‘immigrants’ from, if it’s not your personal experience?
    I don’t know about beach litter, but my impressions of highway litter is that it increases the nearer you get to Glasgow – but whether that’s down to the natives, or immigrants, I really don’t know (although I suspect it’s more likely to be the natives).
    One of the problems in Argyll & Bute is the way in which sea lochs trap litter from far and wide – the head of Loch Long at Arrochar is a prime example, and the amount of trash you can sometimes see on the shores of the Clyde from the train between Helensburgh and Dumbarton is astonishing – but whether it all comes from people living around the Clyde is another matter.

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