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Great point neil, just shows you how poor …

Comment posted Spygate: unholy mess in the bunker but Council Leader focuses on petty score-settling by north argyll.

great point neil, just shows you how poor the manifestos of our political parties/groups are when they all lacked support and we are landed with a Regional Highlands & Islands MSP that couldnt muster enough votes for previous council election. More importantly, his personal commitment to economy and young business people (with school aged family) must be questioned when he failed to pay his company bills. Only to wind up the company when he lands his £80K salary and then ordered my a sheriff to settle!! Poor show and many have short memories and lack of focus on long game!

north argyll also commented

  • totally agree…..and thanks to Anne and Integrity for turning this conversation around! I appreciate the pressures some may have re: need to stay anon….but please remember, if others are courteous enough to put there head up above the parapet, then those that arent shouldnt fire shots or speak about MANIFESTO in an aggressive manner. Its taken me lots of time today to drill into what your all about!!! does everyone have to do the same???
    We all have work, life, kid commitments and the web is our portal….pls, pls, pls….expand on your website. You have a great platform. Those willing to add their identities (do so) and honestly, copy some of your responses on here onto the site. It makes all the difference and actually makes you out to be human and non political. The content on your site has major gaps, lacks detail and also portrays you as a one issue group. After some debate,…..I’m swayed that you may not be (bunch of tree huggers! – sorry – its the only description I could come up with)
    The direct criticism of others by your membership doesnt reflect well….esp as I’ve had to drag certain things from you all. Make it nice, easy and simple for folks to support you! I’ll never attend a committee, or a protest but doesnt mean I cant support in other ways!!! I know others won’t like some of my views, issues or beliefs but on this ocassion pls “like” below, if you would support ARSN adding more detail to their website???
    Best wishes to you all! Keep up the robust debate but pls temper your responses to others that haven’t delved so deep!
  • ive been here for 7 yrs and was born & educated in Oban until I left for education and work!
    thankyou integrity….all I’m asking for is to get a feel for your cause and the people within it. some are open with identity and others not. I’m not bashing for bashing sake..just there is a poverty of info and opportunity to support you! simple thing…your asking for hard earned ££££ on your site yet, I’ve not a clue who is responsible for it!
    as with regard to volunteer time, it would seem there is plenty of ARSN folk on here (including yourself, that could copy n paste what you’ve just written into your own blog!!!)
    Its refreshing to read your latest post but you must understand my concerns.
    Your right, I never put my own work:life over that of kids but, its the work:life thing that will dictate whether our family resides in a&bc! we need to earn more and reduce costs, (like councils) and the pattern of running back and forth to schools (& expensive nurseries) whilst on drastically lower than average salaries, will drive us out of the region!!!!! (i agree, great schools are a major attraction but families and adults making decisions to stay or go based on opportunity & connectivity! (well I do!)
  • i aint forcing a campaign on others or having a go at others that havent (yet) aligned with their dogma…..if your key members of an organisation, then let us know who they are….I would happyily reveal myself but there are ARSN members on here that want us to support them but I can’t cause I dont know who, where or what they stand for!
  • for douglas…I’m not down on schools but I’m challenging a one issue group of people…I’m open to changing my viewpoint when ARSN offer more insight. Your post is exactly what I’m wanting to read and runs with my own opinion. However, cllrs, council employees and constituents have to realise that growth has to be achieved with reduced resources and one focus must not detract from others. I’ve not done the level of detailed research or sourced case studies such as yourself, so please could you have one place to publicise or debate them.
    All I can do is reflect on my own experiences of working, living in this region and as I say….school closures isnt a high priority for me as my kids have great time and experience. However, there are significant issues such as start time, wrap around care, community use (and others such as after-school clubs etc) all of these are of equal importance but I dont read anything about them. If my kids school closed, they would go to another (yes increased pupil/teacher ratio, less time in gym etc but it would be equivalent to our experience in urban area) the issues I raise for parents still exist; ie: start-time, wrap around and after-school!!!!
    I’m open to debate and want you to gain my support! it doesnt come automatically becuase I’m a parent or without a bit of work!
  • oh the anticipation….please consider using a neutral platform aswell. I like FA but they can sway towards the SNP also. Get something up on your own blog…names & skills of the esteemed volunteers would be a starter for 10. You are all alias on here! come on play ball!

Recent comments by north argyll

  • 81%-full Hillhead school closed on an educational benefit statement copied from Arbroath? Who needs a law?
    this development is exactly why I was so keen to learn more about arsn and its presumption of snp support (or opposition) “when in power”………it highlights that I was correct to press the subject matter. I was also correct to back others such as neil macintyre as he was pressed on manifesto pledges and his attributes. well, our great snp msp and minister can make decisions irrespective of law, established benchmarks, facts and common-sense.
    Why?….well we have egotistic and powerful individual/party that uses their communication machine to gain popularity/votes whilst sweeping past matters of their doing. the latest “bloody disgrace” of a calmac gangplank is a perfect example. here we have a belter….he only complains after a visit with fellow cllrs, yet, i’m sure he wasn’t so swift to act or comment in response to mullachs or visitor feedback! more importantly…soon after election, he was quicker to sort out the leadership of calmac (chief exec)! ludicrous
  • Extraordinary attack on Education Secretary by Angus Councillor
    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the leader of MAG (schools group) stood as an SNP candidate at the next election or as a pseudo independent.”


    Ditto in Argyll, especially Oban!!!

  • Louise Glen-Lee wins Oban North and Lorn by election
    fair cop, you maybe didnt say constituents but you did ask how residents of dunbeg would benefit? as a Cllr, all your comments are public. the snp and your own style is accustomed to manipulating the media to your benefit. but, not everyone is taken by this. over the last 6 mth, you’ve been in OT (maybe the front pages) raising issues about dog dirt, loss of parking attendants, oban common good chairmanship. at the same time, the snp decided to walk away from the big decisions such as the chord board following poor decision to not support obm. also 11th hour decision to back out of schools proposals. snp were ruling body for majority of the 4-5yrs term, so please tell us the improvements that have been made in this time?
  • Louise Glen-Lee wins Oban North and Lorn by election
    for ken – I simply queried if you lived in Oban North. I had a look at the boundaries and wasn’t sure because it splits some of the town centre or residential areas within the town. thanks for offering the clarity but please don’t engage in debate with me if you have any issue. (I would be delighted to meet in person if you wish)
    The reason I’m so direct to yourself is that you are in a fortunate position to have access to the political comings n goings. well done!
    Unfortuantely, my home didn’t receive any documentation from the candidates and I live in one of the villages cited. (It is highly likely I was out working one of my jobs during the day/night but I do have a post box)
    In fact, as you mention remuneration, the average A&BC wage is lower than the salary for our hard-up Cllrs whom all seem to bicker over committee chairs etc. Why? earn more for themselves. So…..I’ll make no apology for expecting them to work for their money…..after all, we all have to pay for our local authority pension deficit.
    Moving forward, I’m not being negative for a number of reasons; 1. I have a different outlook as I’m from different generation and have different expectations, wants & desires 2. I’m not satified with the status quo or the quality or performance of some of our cllrs.
    I’m entitled to air this and happy to explain myself.
    Best wishes from Oban North environs
  • Louise Glen-Lee wins Oban North and Lorn by election
    I’m not aware of the good reasons?……financial, time, conflicts???? on a personal level, I would hope you would stand but understand your commitments. however, im confident you would sharpen the focus on the schools matter and support for businesses if you were closer to the machinations.

    totally agree with you but with regard to fireworks but I would love to see some fireworks or fire in the bely from some of our cllrs. all we’ve been subjected to is letters to oban time editors……come on get real!! lets not be Mr or Ms Nice and get on with the job in hand. local authoirty is a business responsible for the services we buy into! so lets ensure our cllrs are business like and have the necessary acumen & skills to deliver.

    Finally, I agree about cllr maccuish as I like him as a person but at times he’s guilty of style over substance and has made some public comments that I can’t stomach. (ie: how will my constituents in Dunbeg benefit from marine tourism – in public meeting about OBM)

    There is a degree of naievity and risk aversion with some of our cllrs when it comes to big decisions! ie: 5 yrs in post and things have gone back the way! we need cllrs to be strategic and think of the long-game. all to often they are bogged down in minutiae with a&bc staff and others rather than setting out the goals & actions required!

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