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If you wonder why none of four Argyll …

Comment posted Support Argyll’s single Olympic torchbearer at Tarbet on 9th June by Robert Wakeham.

If you wonder why none of four Argyll torchbearers are carrying the torch in their own territory, I wonder why a considerable number of the torchbearers in South Devon on Sunday were from France, resident in France. Some sort of sponsorship deal?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • There’s a surprising number of ‘dislikes’ in this thread, and I wonder if there’s a juvenile mindset that thinks it’s clever to disapprove of everything?
  • Don’t look now, but I suspect that there’s a serial ‘thumbsdowner’ at work, Ken.
  • If the first few days are anything to go by, it sticks to roads – main roads at that – and travels by bus between communities.

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