BBC News reported tonight that a team of …

Comment posted Support Argyll’s single Olympic torchbearer at Tarbet on 9th June by Ken MacColl.

BBC News reported tonight that a team of no less than 350 were accompanying the flame as it toured including several police cars and back up vehicles so they should be able to find someone to take it through Bridge of Orchy.

Recent comments by Ken MacColl

  • The Stones, The Stars and Professor Thom
    Genuinely sorry to miss this talk but Putechan Lodge is a long haul from Oban!
    Professor Sandy Thom is the grandfather of my sister-in-law and was a genuine polymath-with wideranging interests and considerable expertise in engineering, mathematics, astronomy, sailing and almost any other field that attracted his interest.He was truly “a living example of the power of a flexible mind and a versatile disposition.”
    During the war he worked on the aereodynamics of fighter aircraft.
    Only after retiring from the Professorial Chair of Engineering Science at Oxford did he devote his undivided attention to one of his many other interests, the locatin and distribution of megalithic monuments across the west coast of Scotland and further afield.He worked closely with Marion Campbell in Mid Argyll. He is considered to be the father of archaeoastronomy.
    If you are able, go to the talk and enjoy.
    Then support the campaign to safeguard the Sighthill Stone Circle.
  • Disappointing stunting from Michael Russell
    And, W.S., if you reveal your name, will we be entitled to make assumptions or presumptions about your ethnicity -as if it should matter?
  • Another question for Andrew Mitchell
    Were it not for whistleblowers and serious investigative jounalists-for too few around at present-we would know far less about those entrusted with our government.
  • Campbell Cameron: Saying Yes
    Pot, kettle , black….responding to Gus mackay is rarely a productive exercise but could I suggest that while the march was in support of Independence for Scotland, those who carried placards stating “YES” were in support of that cause.
    My family had a long tradition of active support for the Labour party in Argyll and I recall how my father used to explain to me when I was a child the importance of countries like India and Ireland gaining control over their own destiny. Mind you he also spoke about the obscenity of nuclear weapons and the massive importance of the NHS and the principle that care should be free at the point of delivery.At that time the abolition of the House of Lords was a stated aim of the party.As a working class boy who got to university he would have been appalled at the notion of the Labour Party introducing student fees. I suspect that he would not have been singularly unimpressed with either Blair or Brown.
    Devolution, even in times of financial stricture, has mostly worked well for Scotland and it has worked best in those areas where services, like Health and Education are in our Holyrood’s control and our own priorities are able to be addressed – contrast those with the chaos under Westminster control! The progression to independence is part of the process started in 1999 and perhaps the most significant factors of Saturday’s rally were the contributions from Dennis Canavan, Ruth Wishart and the growing Scottish Labour for Independence movement.
  • Campbell Cameron: Saying Yes
    I am the bloke in the blue fleece and I am entitled to look older than Campbell Cameron for the simple reason that I am considerably older.

    Campbell is as hale and hearty as ever.

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16 Responses to BBC News reported tonight that a team of …

  1. BBC News reported tonight that a team of no less than 350 were accompanying the flame as it toured including several police cars and back up vehicles so they should be able to find someone to take it through Bridge of Orchy.

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  2. Thanks Mairi and good luck to David, who, like three other Argyll torchbearers, is not carrying the flame in his own territory (why ever not?) but between Aberdeen and Stornoway – between which it travels mainly by air.
    If they’d had the imagination, the flame should have been travelling the ferries as the organic mode of transport in this part of the world.

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    • If you wonder why none of four Argyll torchbearers are carrying the torch in their own territory, I wonder why a considerable number of the torchbearers in South Devon on Sunday were from France, resident in France. Some sort of sponsorship deal?

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  3. You are going to have to change that headline! When I mentioned this to a friend they told me about Jenna Speirs from Bute:

    On who runs where… there are people from Ayrshire carrying the torch in Glasgow, and folk from Glasgow running with it in Ayrshire. I think it is the way of the logistics, coordinating people’s availability, getting a balance of people on any given day, etc.

    Overall, while it is disappointing that the route does not take in more of Argyll, I would put it the other way: What did our Council, MP and MSPs do to promote the case for including Argyll? I know for a fact that other areas were ‘represented’. And that such lobbying was balanced by the organisers overall objectives of being within 20(?) miles of 90% of the UK population, when the final route was approved.

    On balance, I think they are doing a really good job, and I find these stories inspirational. What is not to love about giving 7,000 extraordinary people a chance to shine?

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  4. So someone sees fit to ‘dislike’ that this inspirational young girl from Bute is being recognised for the fantastic fund-raising she has done.
    To whoever that was: It must be awful to have such a miserable, twisted outlook on the world. I pity you.

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    • There’s a surprising number of ‘dislikes’ in this thread, and I wonder if there’s a juvenile mindset that thinks it’s clever to disapprove of everything?

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      • It’s an epidemic, Robert! And very possibly a juvenile mindset.
        I have adopted a self-denying ordinance to NOT ‘dislike’ comments. Life is too short to spend it making conscious statements of hate and aversion.
        And I also prefer not to encourage the corrosive cynicism that is on the increase in society at large, I fear. It diminishes each of us, in my view, when we focus attention and energy on what doesn’t ‘light our fires’; much better, I believe, to recognise and cherish the good that does exist. This is not any happy-clappy prozac-fuelled philosophy: Rather, it is simply to recognise that great culture, civilisation and progress have come from the promotion of the good, rather than the punishment of the bad.

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        • Mairi …I LIKE THAT LAST COMMENT !!! SHOUT THAT OUT !!! You are so right it can’t be wrong, well done on such an eloquent response to the dislikers. Thankyou.

          The torch is only a symbol for the true light that is within and without us all. The darkness is easily encouraged but it cannot overpower the truth that shines within us all… prozac required.

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