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I am always happy to add to the …

Comment posted SNP need to back off the ‘Anti-Scottish’ tactic by morag.

I am always happy to add to the debate,but you have to listen.

morag also commented

  • I think that there is some effect on the Barnett formula with regards education,something about less money in Barnett because of fee situation.

    Will need to clarify that point though.

  • W.S.

    So,someone takes the time to give his view and you are scathing?

    I think that says that you are no longer willing to listen to reasoned debate.I’m not being critical…just bemused!

  • A very good,logical,calm debate here.Scroll down ’til David Milligan tries to answer the questions raised.

  • Good Lord……Residents of Scotland.
  • It’s exceedingly difficult to hear ANY rational quote from the SNP side,’coz the MSM won’t allow it!!

    Did anyone hear a complaint when Labour’s Lamont said that Alex Salmond hated the English?

    Suffice to say,the debate has only just begun and already the nastiness is abounding!

    All I can say is,the SNP have never had so many people signing up to join….What does that say about the negativos!!

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