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Your first paragraph had me thinking Aye Right! …

Comment posted SNP need to back off the ‘Anti-Scottish’ tactic by Gus Mackay.

Your first paragraph had me thinking Aye Right! to use the words of Andy(does not have a surname)and Ken MacColl. Now I must admit I don’t know Pollokshields but is it not the area that elected Tommy… what’s his name?

Connections between various parties have been suggested by several posts, perhaps you have not had time to read all.Or are you just being selective with your objection. Nationalism can be nasty as you point out, best avoided!

Gus Mackay also commented

  • As I said, I was in a hurry. Tactics ? Not sure where your coming from there!

    But can you believe I get thumbs down for highlighting my own typo errors,just goes to show the kind of people on here.

  • FOR- Andy Andrew

    Comment 1 also pointed out MSP’s calling people who don’t agree with them Anti-Scottish,is this positive campaigning? As you say two years until the referendum,who’s choice was that? You flatter yourself if you believe your contribution is of a higher standard than others.Sorry, Kintyre 1 and I are not the same person,but I’m sure he/she is every bit as Scottish as me and also proud to be British.

    FOR – jake

    lighten up!

  • *couple of typo errors, in a hurry, but you get the gist!
  • yI can assure you I am perfectly calm, as I stated at the outset of this particular post newsroom seemed to have hit a nerve here.Only as it progressed did I realize it was a very raw nerve.The rabid answers from cybernats has been very amusing.

    Alex Salmond has always reminded me of Dads Army’s Capt.Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe)and on that theme I remember my favourite from that programme, Lance Corporal Jones(Clive Dunn) renowned for hi frequent cry of “They don’t like it up ’em!”.

    He was of course making reference to the Germans. It would appear nats don’t like it either.

    Best of Btitish to you also!

  • Before this thread is cut, would be interesting to hear a comment from he who likes to quote opinion polls (Ken) on the Herald opinion poll “blow for SNP as support for independence slips”.

    Of course as I have already stated that is what they are, opinions taken from a very small number of people.

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