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All too reminiscent of the Aryan myth . …

Comment posted on SNP need to back off the ‘Anti-Scottish’ tactic by Webcraft

all too reminiscent of the Aryan myth . . . the SNP will have written its name on the same page as the BNP.

I presume this article is a ploy to win Kintyre1 back into the fold?

At least Paxman only compared Salmond with Mugabe, not Hitler.

Webcraft also commented

  • @ Dr Douglas McKenzie

    That last post gets a thumbs up from me – thoughtful and well-written.

  • No comment

    The last refuge of the political scoundrel. I did expect better than this from ForArgyll. If you are going to make childish accusations of fascism you should at least be prepared to defend them.

    Ken, don’t leave this forum. I think the thumbs show quite clearly that ForArgyll is out on a limb on this one . . . lets’ keep them there rather than legitimising their opinions by ignoring them.

  • Ah, Mr. Blix,

    On yet another forum with your customary mixture of invective and disdain I see. Have you found the SNP’s weapons of mass destruction yet?

  • @WS


    You have failed to quote one single piece of ‘cybernat vitriol’ from out of all of the above comments.

    I suggest you back your comments about ‘vitriol’ up with quotes from the comments above or withdraw them.

  • I think it was ForArgyll that started with the vitriol, in what has been one of their more ill-considered articles.

    To remind those who may have got too carried away with the comments to have actually read the article, Newsroom said:

    all too reminiscent of the Aryan myth. And look where that led so many


    . . . the SNP will have written its name on the same page as the BNP

    It was an appalling article. I challenge anyone – but particularly WS – to point to any equally ‘vitriolic’ phrases used by any of the defenders of the SNP on this thread.

    Seems to me that ForArgyll is in danger of going the way of the Hootsmon.

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