Scottish Conservatives unveil their council election candidates

(Update below – 29th February) The Scottish Conservatives held a  meeting in the Loch Fyne Hotel in Inveraray on Friday 24th February for many of the candidates standing for the party in the Scottish Local Authority elections on 3rd May.

The meeting ended with a group photograph to introduce them – or most of them, – to the public.

In the photograph below, taken with the party’s Highlands and Islands MSP, Jamie McGrigor (who needs no introduction but who is third from the left), and party branch officials, the candidates and the ward for which they will each stand, are:

Scottish Conservative candidates for 3rd May LA elections

  • Peter Wallace – Bute
  • Gary Mulvaney – Helensburgh Central
  • (Jamie McGrigor MSP)
  • Charlotte Hanbury – Mid Argyll
  • Roy Rutherford – Oban North
  • Lewis MacDonald – Cowal
  • (Sandy MacPherson – outgoing constituency chairman)
  • (Bill Hanbury – chairman-elect)
  • Alastair Redman – Kintyre & the Islands
  • Maurice Corry – Lomond North

Update: 29th February: David Kinniburgh from Helensburgh will be standing again but had another appointment that clashed with the Loch Fyne Hotel meeting. And Bill Green is standing for Dunoon.

Chairman-elect, Bill Hanbury has sounded his party’s rallying call: ”We look forward to the challenges ahead – in particular the maintenance of the Union’.

Sandy MacPherson, the outgoing Chairman, says: ‘The Conservatives are fielding a strong team, including one or two younger candidates who are bringing fresh ideas to the table.’

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28 Responses to Scottish Conservatives unveil their council election candidates

  1. Phil/Donald Kelly. It isn’t possible to be both – that’s dishonest, just trying to trick Conservative voters. Councillor Mulvaney needs to visit Campbeltown and sort this out for us.

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    • I think Cllr Kelly has made his position clear, and ‘Argyllfirst’ have a clear statement re their membership. Might not be ideal for some but its open and honest politics and up to the individual voters.

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  2. Andy, I can imagine some political parties having more than one candidate in wards where they believe they are strong enough to have more than one councillor returned. I belive that the SNP will do this in certain wards.

    Do you honestly believe that the Tories would put two candidates up in the Cowal ward and expect them to be elected? As all the parties are aware, if you put more than one candidate up in the same ward, the fear is that the vote will be split and you will not even have one candidate elected. Apart from that, do you honestly believe that the Tories would want Marshall back?

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  3. Whatever your political affiliation or no affiliation it promises to be an ‘interesting’ election in which a good turn out can surely be expected. Look forward to list of candidates.

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  4. Ken,
    Your comments are tedious.

    Salmond will toady up to anyone if he thinks he can gain support.
    The voters will see his association with Murdoch as exactly that.
    Salmond and even the honest nat supporters know there is not the support for independence.

    This is of course the real reason we have all this pussyfooting around regarding will there be a second question on the ballot paper or not.

    By the time Salmond (or Murdoch) name the date for the referendum the electorate will be bored to death!

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  5. Andy, you are correct. Bruce Marshall never left the Tories. He knew,as a Tory,he would have been in the wilderness. As an Ind,in name,he is on numerous committees and even chair of the Bute and Cowal A.C.(how did he manage that?) He talks so much nonsense and doesn’t know when to stop digging. How many times has he gone against the wishes of his constituents in his ‘ward’ ? If things aren’t going his way he is a first class example of a ‘goalpost shifter’.

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  6. Interesting to see how Maurice Steuart Corry, as he is normally known, gets on in Lomond North. This former military man was an ardent campaigner for Waitrose at Colgrain, so should benefit from that.

    Can Mars Mulvaney recover from chairing the disastrous CHORD project destruction of Colquhoun Square in Helensburgh? And how is his attendance record at Kilmory?

    For once, the Helensburgh elections might be interesting.

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