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No response from the SNP lap dogs? Tsk, tsk, …

Comment posted Opposition evaluations of three year council budget by Simon.

No response from the SNP lap dogs?
Tsk, tsk, tsk. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Simon also commented

  • Scruff – interesting post and therefore quite removed from the stuff the ‘usual uspects’* normally post on here.
    “The current administration has put the ‘noose’ around its own neck” – whilst I’m not best placed to make any kind of political prediction that covers Argyll and bute as I’m not a member of any political party – I’m not convinced that apart from the ‘usual suspects’** many people in Argyll and Bute give a monkeys about rural schools!

    It’s never the main point of discussion in the circles I frequent and on the odd time it does arise most people are of the view that some of these expensive schools are little more than private education on the rates and that they should be closed.

    I think the ARSN folks might get one Councillor in. But, I also think that the electorate are too mature to be fooled by a vociferous but essentially single-issue self-interest clique.

    As to who will the elections – well, we’ll see what we’ll see. Let’s be honest here is no real leader in the ranks of the mongrel opposition who has done any real damage to Dick’s coalition – they whine, mump and moan about him – and then the numpties end up voting with him!!!.

    But at a very local level perhaps ARSN should put up a candidate against Dick Walsh and then watch their candidate lose their deposit. 🙂
    * copywright Mike Russell
    ** copywright Mike Russell

  • Fairly lengthy but predictable post from Integrity.
    If it’s clarity you’re after Integrity here’s some; “details of the budget are kept under lock and key to a ridiculously late hour” – this happens at UK Govt level, Scottish Govt level and as far as I’m aware in every other Council throughout Scotland. You might argue it shouldn’t but it does.
    The opposition and their lap dogs – and I do incloude Newsie in this – have been banging on about the budget, how important it is and the significant impact it will have have on the area. And??? Words, just words. Empty, rhetoric from a bunch on sheep bereft of any cogent, comprehensive alternative to Tricky’s proposals.
    Where IS the Leadership amongst this rag-bag collection pathetic collection of supposed opposition?? Where is the forensic ( 🙂 ) anaylsis that brings forwards a radical alternative budget?? Mmmm???
    Well there WAS McIntyre/Strong with their childish-pathetic-token-gesture-politicking to Bute….but apart for that – Pffftttttt.
    Gawd help us all if these muppets ever actually managed to actually get into power.
  • Well, despite dire predictions, sniping from the sidelines and the rubbing of FA’s hands after yet another budget article – guess what??
    The Council’s much-maligned budget was passed almost unanimously. Only Geo Freeman ‘Im my own man’ and big Robert McIntyre and ‘I didn’t know anytthing school closures when I was Education Spokesperson’ Isobel Strong voted against Tricky Dicky and his pals’ budget.
    The SNP group? Well they voted with Tricky.
    Argyll 1st? – well they too voted with Tricky.
    Robb ? he voted with Tricky.
    And as Geo Freeman’s ‘group’ don’t opersate a whip system Geo’s vice-president, vice- leader thingy also voted for Tricky.
    Did no one tell these clowns the purpose of opposition is to oppose?? Or come up with better proposals?
    ps Mike Russell also agreed to shut yet another school under the SNP s ‘flawed legislation’
  • What a hoot. With a typical FA Nelsonian eye Newsie makes NO comment on the real stories of the budget.
    Is it not true that that the much-maligned budget was passed almost unanimously?
    Did only three voted against it – Geo Freeman, Strong and whatever the name erstwhile leader of the SNP is called?
    Did the SNP Group overwhelmingly reject their erstwhile leader’s advice and voted with Dick Walsh and the Coalition?
    Is Anne Baird (above) part of the rumoured split in the SNP Group and lack of confidence in their lkeader just a few months ahead of the elections?
    Why no commment on all this from FA?

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