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It is not about Waitrose v the Co …

Comment posted RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by David McCallum.

It is not about Waitrose v the Co – Op or Tesco it has to be about the bigger picture and overall job creation so yes maybe there will be earlier losses but overall growth through joined up development has to equate to enhanced opportunity.

As for the Co – op site why just a supermarket, why not Halfords or another High Street retailer Gap, Next M&S, great location , center of town, super parking arrangements, train station adjacent etc. Big Picture is required and why shoot for the moon when we should be shooting for the stars and then let us see where we fall.

Think Big, Think Positive – Think We can do this!!!!

David McCallum also commented

  • If the dots get joined correctly i.e The CHORD Project, Waitrose Development, Pier Development, Kidson Park and Rhu Marina Developments then there is a real chance Helensburgh could well become a destination station for locals , visitors, tourists etc and the prize could well be a vibrant , buzzing town that will have something for everyone.

    In my ten years living in Helensburgh I have been overcome with the negativity surrounding any proposed changes whilst the town declines at an alarming rate. The time for change is now otherwise local business wont have to worry about ‘out of town’ influences as the continued transformation to a bland featureless desolate desert will more than likely attract few interested parties.

    Planning and change rarely satisfies 100% of the people but surely the proposals on offer have the ability to generate a better future and town for all of us or play the honesty card , return heads to the sand and pretend that it will be all right.

    ‘Change is Constant’ so all aboard The Happy Bus and let’s make it a better and happier town to live in and promote.

    It might just work you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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