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There doesn’t seem to be a word for …

Comment posted on RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by Stephen Mackenzie

There doesn’t seem to be a word for it, so I just made one up.

Stephen Mackenzie also commented

  • I presume there will now be a planning inquiry as has happened several times before. So it’s not over yet.

    I think Robert’s assessment is fairly spot on and I speak a a lifelong Helensburgerite.

    I also think tht pronouncing the death of the town centre is premature–it all depends. Castle Douglas has an edge of town supermarket and the town centre is thriving, whereas in Dumfries, things are not so good.

    What has to be bourne in mind on both sides I that a significant number of Helensburgerites dont use the town centre at all: so instead of ranting about “unfair” competition, maybe time to think about how to persuade those people to change their minds.

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