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The Rangers finacial collapse , as that of …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by Willie Hutchison.

The Rangers finacial collapse , as that of other clubs, simply reflects the wider economic system where banks and many other businesses are founded upon underlying insolvency masked by a labyrinth of complicated financial procedures.

Selling tommorow’s income for money today (Ticketus) or bank derivetives or bringing exagerated future income projections for cash not yet recieved ( WIP) are all part and parcel of the edefice upon which all too many businesses are founded.

That’s what a government culture of light hand or non existent regulation delivers.

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  • Arrogance and ignorance of ‘SNP chief’ could lose the grassroots
    Pork Anyone ?

    I presume by that comment Hugh you are referring to the allegation by Lord Ashcroft that Prime Minister Cameron put his genetalia into a dead pig’s mouth.

    Stomach churning allegations altogether that cannot be ignored.

  • Scottish Leaders’ debate – a clear win for Davidson
    Yes Sokay – it is an unusual question to roll off MK’s keyboards, and it’s not the type of thing most folks would raise out of the blue in the way that Malcolm Kirk has.

    If MK thinks that there’s Tory child abusers all about he’s either delusional or more possibly he’s been exposed to something in the past involving Tory abusers that has stuck in his consciousness.

    Not a pleasant comment to make.

  • Scottish Conservatives demand SNP publish figures on impact of full fiscal autonomy
    And before Jamie Black says it’s the fault of a) the Scottish Government or b) Nicola Sturgeon or c) Alex Salmond or d) all of the foregoing – can anyone advise if it is right that the London Treasury levies annually £30m VAT on Scotland’s Police and Fire services whilst no VAT is levied on other Police and Fire services elsewhere in the UK.

    And can anyone advise if they consider it right that the London Treasury is refusing to respond to questions about this.

    £30m annually would pay for around 750 policemen and 300 firefighters.

    Distinctly anti Scottish I’d say but no doubt some wag on this blog will declare it’s a London Love Bomb to Jocko.

  • One-size-fits-all legislation has to stop
    Murphy’s standing for Westminster…and here was me thinking he was wanting v to be First Minister.

    Whoo hee – he’s keeping the Tories out

    Me, I think he’s a trougher. And yes, he’s got less chance than the man on the moon becoming First Minister. And Tories, he’s a red one.

    A Loon Ball waiting to be found out.

  • Former CBI Scotland director to head Conservatives Tax Commission
    Iain McMillan one of Scotland’s respected public figures.

    C’ Mon Newsie, you’re having a laugh. He’s nothing of the kind. Most folk wouldn’t have him in a lucky bag.

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