Oban Bay Marine presentation to Holyrood Cross Party Group

Oban lawyer, Mike Robertson, of Oban Bay Marine gave a presentation on the project last night to the Cross Party Group (CPG) on Recreational Boating & Marine Tourism at the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking afterwards Jamie McGrigor MSP, who has been a consistent supporter of OBM’s plans to develop pontoons in Oban Bay, said:

“ This is the second time that this proposal has been put before the CPG and it was sad to hear that some Councillors in Argyll are against the project which has the full hearted support of Oban businesses and the majority of Oban people.

‘The fact that Oban, the gateway to the inner and outer Hebrides, does not have an adequate marina has long been remarked on and it is a glaring omission on the town’s infrastructure. I pledge my support for this project which I consider would be a great benefit to Oban and to Scottish marine tourism generally.

‘I congratulate volunteers such as Mike Robertson and others who have given so much of their time voluntarily for the good of the people of Oban.’

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16 Responses to Oban Bay Marine presentation to Holyrood Cross Party Group

  1. “has the full hearted support of Oban businesses and the majority of Oban people.”

    How dare he say that without absolutely any evidence.
    Nearly all the people I know who live in Oban are dead against the idea. A few restaurants close to the bay may want it I admit.
    The bay (and its view) are for all of us. Not just for the gin and tonic brigade on their flash boats. Well done to the Councillors who are actively opposing the destruction of the historic ambience of Oban Bay.

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    • W.S.:

      Could you tell us all who are the Councillors who are actively opposing the proposal? Then we might see whether “nearly all the people you know” will agree with them on May 3rd?

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  2. The only evidence I have about the matter is the opposition from some of the Council paid staff who went out of their way to oppose the proposal when it was part of the Chord ideas. Their bent words against it (“Councillors shouldnt vote for tenders for the project because they would be surcharged if it didnt go ahead”) made me think that some people were opposed to it for their own personal interests rather than its advantages or disadvantages for the town.
    They led some to oppose the idea bacause they thought that the business case had not been made, when without a tender figure there could be no business case.

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  3. I think the majority of the folk that live in Oban can recognise the hard economic sense of having a proper marina in the town and have powers of reasoning that extend beyond the cartoon stereotyping that appears to pass for thought with ‘WS’

    I do get the impression that there are people in Oban who hold long-standing grudges against some of the members of OBM’s board, and that this may also go some way to explaining the persistent lack of enthusiasm on the Council’s part.

    I presume everyone has seen the OBM/Hitler video?

    Time for some investigative journalism to see if these claims of self-interest are true and if not to put them to bed? Just a thought – I am bored with Spygate and its endless follow-ups now.

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  4. This Hitler video has been used by different people on many occasions.
    Last year there was an excellent version produced by a Dundee FC supporter as a protest at the draconian 25 point deduction by the Scottish Football League given to Dundee Football Club due to Dundee FC going into administration.
    The management of the SFL are so hopeless that they still do not have a laid down points deduction in their rules for a member club goint into administration.
    If it had been Rangers FC they would certainly NOT have received a 25 point deduction.

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  5. Sorry to be a pain but who were the local councillors who spoke against the marina at the public meeting in McTs.Any takers, just to clarify the situation before the May3rd elections.Independent,SNP,liberal or maybe MacKay and Devon.
    Sorry I just can,t remember what they were that week.

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    • If my memory serves me right, councillors from accross the spectrum voted not to support the OBM proposal in the location or form presented. Contrary to Jamie McGrigor’s statement above, the majority of Oban people were by no stretch of the imagination behind the plan. i dont know what circles the Tory list MSP moves in to make that sweeping assumption. Perhaps a ‘referendum’ needed!!!!
      If possible, (for a politician), could Neil Macintyre give his answer YES or No for pontoons between the piers.
      The seemingly never ending Chord issues in general are one thing, but the particular issue of Obans central waterfront is another where the council have got right.

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  6. I dont recall any of the Councillors speaking against the proposal at the meeting – tho’ the editor of FA was there and may have a note. It was the staff man who was challenged by Skye McIntosh.

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  7. Just flitted back to the corran halls CHORD meeting on Sept.2010.That gives us a better idea of the local councillors views.The one undeniable fact is that nothing has been achieved through Chord in Oban.So bring on the elections and lets see if nothing is what people want.
    Power to the People.

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