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Comment posted Loch Fyne Oysters sold to Scottish Seafood Investments by Pete.

A little more information on Mr Brown the third here..

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  • 2013 Remembrance at the Cenotaph: the Arctic Star on parade
    Well said Graeme. It’s really become a game on the BBC… spot the guy without the poppy (difficult!) or what totally inappropriate apparel can we attach a poppy to now? I just couldn’t believe these numpties on Countryfile wearing dungarees and a poppy. Oh aye, we all milk the coos wi oor poppies in. It’s very sad to see the memory of those who had little choice but to fight in the wars of the 20th century being hijacked by modern wars created by Bush, Bliar and Cameron, with the resulting nonsense on the BBC.
  • Lairds powering on to get Western’s boats completed
    From the pics we’ve seen it would appear that the new ferries don’t have separate passenger boarding access. By this I mean that passengers will still need to access the ferry (ahead of traffic) over the vehicle ramp. Wonder why they didn’t design a passenger gate/ramp which would speed up embarkation/disembarkation?
  • UK government backtracking furiously on reported interest in annexing Faslane
    Let none of us forget that post-independence, it may not be up to the SNP or Salmond to decide on these issues, it will be the elected Scottish government, be it SNP, Labour, Greens or whoever.
  • Murray win seals memorable Wimbledon
    Lynda “newsy” always tends to forget when dissing independence (at every opportunity!) that the people of Scotland will decide as to which party will be in power post independence. Quite possibly it will not be the SNP, so these personal jibes at Salmond are really quite pointless.
  • One real issue and some strange arguments against Cove Community Wind Farm
    One would hope that the National Park’s objection to the project was not related to one board member owning a property on the Cowal peninsula shoreline directly opposite the proposed wind farm. He most likely declared an interest.

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