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Green levies add £80 a year (6%) to …

Comment posted on No Tiree Array campaigners play the Trump card by Webcraft

Green levies add £80 a year (6%) to the average gas and electricity bill of £1,335, according to the regulator Ofgem’s latest figures. Most of this money supports schemes to increase energy efficiency and decrease fuel poverty, with about £20 supporting the development of renewable energy, including windfarms and solar panels. So wind accounts for around £10, as I said.

Of course there are other figures available ‘on the internet’, but I prefer to get mine from the independent energy regulator rather than the Daily Mail.

Holyrood only has one ‘l’ by the way.

Webcraft also commented

  • @Hannah Sutter:

    we need to have a proper debate in the public eye which will show the errors of the policy being pushed through

    What is the point of having that debate when you, like Mr. Kirk, have already decided the outcome?

  • The cost to the consumer of renewable subsidies is paid through our electricity bills. According to the regulator Ofgem, wind subsidies added £10 to the average annual bill last year – utterly insignificant compared to the price rise due to the volatility of gas prices.

    US and UK figures both suggest that total onshore wind generation costs per kilowatt-hour will be lower for wind than for coal or nuclear by 2016.

    Facts are chiels that winna ding . . .

  • @ Hannah Sutter:

    our govenment is positively helping the exploitation of our natural heritage by non local businesses without a proper debate

    So instead we should allow our energy future to be dictated by one mad-haired self-important foreign businessman with delusions of grandeur, should we?

    I am sure no-one would deny the people of Tiree a say in their future, but they should choose their allies and their arguments carefully.

    I lived in and around Aberdeen for thirty years, and have often walked on the dunes at Balmedie. It’s a bit of a godforsaken place most days with the wind from the North Sea cutting across the dunes and through you like a knife , but it did not deserve to be turned into a playground for wealthy Americans.

    As the oil capital of Europe is is only fitting that Aberdeen become a focus for renewable energy. As for aesthetics – well, there is absolutely nothing to see when you look out across the grey North Sea from Aberdeen, nothing as far as Norway. The placement of eleven turbines offshore on this rather bleak stretch of coast is hardly going to damage an ‘iconic’ view, neither is it going to damage tourism . . . in fact, in this situation and with Aberdeen’s ‘energy capital’ status I would imagine it might even increase visitor numbers to Aberdeen’s rather chilly and unfriendly beach.

    If people can’t tell the difference between the Tiree development and the development planned for Aberdeen then it is difficult for me to credit them with a rational standpoint.

  • Trump is obnoxious and his opinions are claptrap. That means I am intolerant of Donald Trump. It does not mean I am ‘intolerant of any opinion contrary to (my) own’.

    I am slightly alarmed though by groups who have an objection to a development in their own area who then seek to justify that objection by aligning themselves with climate change deniers, renewables rubbishers and similar forces of darkness.

    The inhabitants of Tiree have obvious reason to be concerned by what is a very large industrial development in the waters off the island. There are surely all sorts of reasons for taking the planning process to task in terms of the local environment and economy.

    However, like many other local protest groups suddenly it seems NTA is fighting a ‘huge national scandal’ rather than a local planning issue. All too often, such groups suddenly aren’t content with stopping their local development; now all wind farms are wrong, the entire technology is rubbish and anyway what do you know, there isn’t any CO2 problem.

    No Tiree Array started with the usual statement made by such groups – ‘We are not against renewables per se’ – then went on to explain in fairly reasonable tones why this particular development was unacceptable.
    Nowadays it does sometimes seem, reading the NTA website, that any stick will do to beat the turbines with though.

    Trump is a genuine lunatic, a failed GOP presidential candidate who made a fool of himself shouting for Obama’s birth certificate, a climate change denier, a man who has tried to drive people out of their homes in Aberdeenshire . . . and that’s before we even mention the hair. You do not IMO do yourselves any credit by publishing his idiotic letter to Salmond on your website.

  • The NTA campaign may well have a case, but linking themselves to obnoxious lunatics like Trump, promoting climate denial claptrap and generally being insdiscriminate in picking allies and evidence to support their cause is not necessarily helpful.

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