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A Stargate fan CSB – I knew I …

Comment posted Meet Scotland’s little post-devolution sleeper by Barmore2.

A Stargate fan CSB – I knew I was in love…!

Barmore2 also commented

  • “Conversely the First Minister has let it be known that it is the intention of the Scottish Government to hold on to whatever rights and responsibilities are already devolved to Scotland.”

    Antarctica apart I’m very glad to hear this given that the proposals in the Scotland Bill currently going through Westminster contain a lot of “we’re having this back & also that bit as well”

  • “UK’s rights and responsibilities for the territory of Antarctica were accidentally devolved to Scotland by the Foreign Office.”

    Does this mean that Wastemonster has no rights in Antarctica?

  • Yup, have to agree CSB. We did get the occasional glimpse of him from time to time…..

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