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The town supports TWO excellent deli’s. …

Comment posted RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by PBP.

The town supports TWO excellent deli’s.

PBP also commented

  • No.
  • At last we agree! And CSB is right about Joe’s steak pies. Three good reasons for shopping in Helensburgh town centre already.
  • And so they should. That part of the CHORD project which relates to Colquhoun Square is both desecration of a lovely square and a recipe for snarled up traffic in the town centre.

    It was ironic to hear Mars Mulvaney supporting Waitrose and arguing that the town centre would be ok, when his ‘kinky road’ project, as it is known locally, will provide a far greater threat to town centre retailers.

    In the light of the Waitrose decision, the council now has a perfect reason to halt the CHORD project for the square and begin a re-examination of what should be done in the town centre in the light of the new circumstances.

    I for one will not be voting for Councillor Mulvaney or the other two in May. Let him go back to his weekly Toyota photo call in the Dancevertiser!

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