Initiative of the year? Stramash launches outdoor nursery

Oban’s Stramash outdoor adventure social enterprise company, has launched the best social initiative we’ve seen for a while – an outdoor nursery.

They say:  ‘We believe in using the outdoors to enable the holistic development of children, encouraging them to learn about themselves, others and the environment around them.’

Getting young children used to an adventurous outlook on life alongside developing the physical skills associated with outdoor activities and awareness of personal safety has the capacity to be one of the most radical provisions in and for Argyll.

This will see young children growing up from an early base of being familiar with being outside in all weathers, looking after themselves in these circumstances and discovering what they can do, individually and together.

Among so many exciting positives, this can breed Argyllachs fit for Argyll. It’s an absolutely inspired notion.

Stramash will be providing each3-5 year old child in the nursery with waterproof jacket and trousers and they also have special sanctuary in a yurt – offering shelter warmth and an exciting experience all of its own.

The Stramash staff are experienced in looking after children of this age, are very safety conscious and have all the skills to open the possibilities of the outdoor world to these young children.

This is the first thing for ages that seems to have the legs to drive back the disabling over-focus on health and safety, which has been progressively removing experiential leaning involving physical activity from access by our young people – and it has every chance of embedding a healthy lifestyle at a formative age.

Well done, Stramash. If only we could all could roll back the years…

The nursery will run during school term time from August 2012 to June 2013, from Mondays to Friday and between 9.30 and 12,00 daily. There will be eighteen places available each day.

Stramash says that it is  is working with Argyll and Bute Council ‘to offer free pre-school education places. Each child aged 3 to 5 is entitled to 2 1/2 hours free pre-school education a day during school term time.’

Parents wishing to enrol their children in the Stramash Outdoor Nursery or wanting to know more about it, should:

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2 Responses to Initiative of the year? Stramash launches outdoor nursery

  1. Superb stuff!

    I know from when my kids were at nursery, they thrived everytime they were outdoors and in fact their nursery bought all weather suits for them as well.

    This is also the kind of learning that is not only easily provided in rural schools, but something they excel in – as do the kids.

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  2. Sounds a lovely idea. Coming from Africa and finding so many UK children’s playgrounds with soft landing places was quite weird.

    We never had them growing up and managed to survive quite well. Children need a bit of challenge, otherwise they grow up thinking they can’t do anything.

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