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C’mon – I’ll ask again where is the …

Comment posted 2010 School’s Act now a charter to close rural schools by Simon.

C’mon – I’ll ask again where is the snp explanation on this?

Gerry Fisher doesn’t think Mike Russell knew aobut this?? Please!!!!!

Of course Mikey Boy knew. I have seen countless posts from apologists and the ‘usual suspects’ on here defending Mike Russell. I’ve been told by “doc” he had no choice over Robslee (rubbish if course) and have been personally attacked for my stance over this fork-tongued politico.

Now – I’ll ask again – where is the snp explanation of what’s happening here???

Mike Russell is fast enough to get on here when he wants to so, where is he today??

Simon also commented

  • integrity – “Neither of those two things required him to carry out a review within his own department.” I know that. that’s why I carefully chose the expression “He was quick enough to mouth off”. 🙂

    Anyway he’s answered now – see what you maske of it…

  • Integrity – “Simon and demands for an instant response from the Education Secretary are not helpful at a time ” hardly an instant response – the article was posted two days ago.

    He was quick enough to mouth off about ‘spygate’ and the Craignure ramp… 🙂

  • Still nobody from the snp on here explaining this decision then?
  • Robsleee no more, Hillhead no more, Arygll rural schools….
    Where is the SNP response to all of this?

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