Is it a coincidence that the advert banner …

Comment posted SNH warns motorists of deer on the roads by Tim McIntyre.

Is it a coincidence that the advert banner at the top of this article is for an ambulance-chasing lawyer outfit?

Maybe there is a good living to be made from suing dead deer…

Recent comments by Tim McIntyre

  • Telegraph’s Alan Cochrane clarifies issues on Salmond aide who smeared Clare Lally
    Politicised civil service? Wasn’t it just a few months back that a senior Whitehall civil servant waded into the independence debate by his ‘highly unusual’ publishing of advice to the Chancellor over the currency union issue?
  • Shaming defence from FM as Salmond’s own adviser attacks young No Thanks supporter
    Integrity – that Record article is almost two years old. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that Ms Lally is, today, both an ordinary mum AND a pretty well-connected Labour activist, as an adviser to the Shadow Cabinet and a member of the party’s National Policy Forum. None of which would in any normal circumstance be relevant to what she has to say in the independence debate. So why have we had an almost week-long media frenzy, which essentially hinges on how you define the word ‘ordinary’?

    Seems to me that it comes down to Better Together’s acute awareness of the fact that it has little in the way of active grassroots campaigning support, despite still being ahead in the polls. It is viewed (and routinely mocked across the web) as a top-down politicians’ campaign. This is not to suggest that it doesn’t have popular support, just that it has, through relentless negativity and scaremongering, entirely failed to inspire its supporters to go out and make its case in public on their own initiative, as is happening on a large scale with the ‘Yes’ movement. Following the ‘Vote No Borders’ astroturf initiative farce, BT’s need to be seen involving ‘ordinary’ non-political members of the public has become almost pitifully desperate, which is also the reason why any attempts to do so are immediately put under the microscope by some in the ‘Yes’ campaign, who sometimes seem almost as desperate to disprove them.

    It doesn’t reflect well on either side, in my view. Mr Gunn’s intervention which, despite the faux outrage was not remotely abusive, was nevertheless poorly-judged and entirely unnecessary. It triggered a convenient smokescreen over what was in fact a very bad-news week for unionists, what with Gordon Brown clunking his fist into Better Together, Alistair Darling getting caught indulging in ‘Salmond Dictator Bingo’ and agreeing that, ‘at heart’ Yes supporters are all narrow ethnic nationalists. Oh, and a Survation poll showing the ‘No’ lead shrinking to its lowest level yet.

  • ‘No Borders’ campaign the first serious support for pro-union case
    Robert – thank you for your considered response. I agree with you & Richard in principle that a federal arrangement, or perhaps Devo Max, might have been seen as attractive alternatives to full independence. But neither of those things are on offer.

    Not so much a case of being fooled by ‘trashy political leadership’ (by which I presume you mean the Scottish Government) – after all it was the UK government who refused to allow a third option on the ballot paper and thus effectively said that, as you put it, ‘divorce is the only option’. They certainly haven’t as yet offered any kind of vision of what we might get in the event of a ‘No’, close or otherwise, which might satisfy the clear demand for significant further powers for Holyrood.

    Each to their own, but I’m much more concerned about the possibility of ‘repenting at leisure’ if we pass up this one chance we have been given to choose a future where we control our own destiny.

    Jon Snow’s article is indeed a breath of fresh air from a London media establishment which mostly seems to have not the slightest clue about Scottish politics.

  • ‘No Borders’ campaign the first serious support for pro-union case
    Robert – re: “What rubbish…” – if Scotland votes ‘No’ in September, however close the result is, we will have effectively returned the sovereignty we were offered to Westminster and said ‘no thanks’.

    In effect, we will have given a popular mandate to the principle of government of Scotland from London which has never existed in the past. It is hard to see how this could be interpreted as anything other than a strengthening of Westminster’s mandate from the Scottish people, and a weakening of Holyrood’s.

    You call that cynical manipulation, but can you explain what possible motivation or indeed mandate you think Westminster would have for devolving further powers to Holyrood in the event of a ‘No’?

    This referendum gives us a choice between two futures. It would be a mistake to imagine that either of them are a return to the ‘status quo ante’.

  • ‘No Borders’ campaign the first serious support for pro-union case
    Erm, yes… thank you Jamie.

    Mind you, in JnrTick’s defence, I can see why it might be difficult these days to tell the difference between a parody of Project Fear and the real thing… though he/she has no excuse for imagining I was being serious about those other titles being impartial :-)

    True to my post above, I did indeed NOT buy a Sunday Herald today, because there are none available in this part of Argyll :-(

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  1. Is it a coincidence that the advert banner at the top of this article is for an ambulance-chasing lawyer outfit?

    Maybe there is a good living to be made from suing dead deer…

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