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‘They can detect movement but of course they …

Comment posted A83 to stay closed for now by Robert Wakeham.

‘They can detect movement but of course they cannot stop it’
This is exactly why this route has to be upgraded to cope with movement, and until this is done the government is likely to be seen as increasingly useless.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • What stabilisation job? – look at the photos on their website.
  • It could get to the stage (if it hasn’t already) that the BBC 5-day weather forecast becomes essental reading to assess whether the road to Glasgow is likely to be usable or not.
    It’s one thing for ferries to be regularly disrupted by bad weather, but for this road to suffer likewise would be intolerable.
  • Correction, Simon, ‘rests with the inaction of successive governments’ – not like you to let anyone off the hook, is it? And if you want to conflate this problem with other issues, perhaps we’ll eventually be subjected to the ‘final solution’ of you rolling all your various concerns into one huge rambling question to be addressed to all and sundry on whatever threads come to hand irrespective of relevance? – you could get an endless series of non-answers to make hay with.
  • W.S.: I appreciate and understand your horror, but the fact is that – pre-Holyrood – Scotland was latterly governed by one person who from recollection was responsible for the full range of central government ministerial functions save foreign policy and defence. There seemed to me to be a distinct whiff of colonialism about that arrangement.
  • The trouble is Simon, you’re not my teacher, the council’s got little or nothing to do with the landslide problems at the Rest, and regarding the way councillors voted on something I know no more than you and so can offer no enlightenment. You could try asking your teacher.

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