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I’m sure they won’t be put off by …

Comment posted Waitrose has £325k on table for Tuesday planning hearing – and opposition rolls in by gd.

I’m sure they won’t be put off by the mitigation payment. In all probability there will be negotiations over the purchase price between drum & waitrose. The application was made under two names – Waitrose & Wandering Wild (aka drum). It is highly likely that there is an agreement between drum and waitrose, where waitrose purchase the land subject to planning approval. This allows them to attach caveats re planning gain / mitigation payments. It will probably be drum who take a hit on the price. They’ll be aware that without planning approval their land is worthless. I actually think planning gain is a good thing. Just as long as it reaches the intended parties and not the council coffers, which sadly often happens.

gd also commented

  • I’d like to see the money used to directly improve the retailers units / frontages. I’ve attached a link to the merchant city initiative below, which completely transformed that area.
    I’m pleased Waitrose got their approval. Had Waitrose been rejected, then all that would have happened is a continuation of the current decline of the town centre. That decline is due to the apathy of a lot of shop keepers. Either the shopkeepers take this opportunity to get their fair share of mitigation money to improve the service that they provide. Or they sell up and allow the next generation of shopkeepers to take over. I’m sure like me, the majority of Helensburgh shoppers do not want to soley shop in Waitrose. To me the Waitrose development has always been about a high end outlet recognising the potential and wanting to invest in our town, which will hopefully be a catalyst for further investment in the town centre.
  • I could be wrong. But I think they made an exception for Henry Bros at Colgrain, which was greenbelt outwith the local development plan. That seemed strange at the time. Probably a large brown envelope involved there.
  • Thanks for update CSB. No room at the inn for me at 10.25. Hey ho, should have got there a bit earlier!

Recent comments by gd

  • Candidate response to Argyll Rural Schools Network
    I’m not sure of the outward placing request numbers of JLB and can only speak from the perspective of a parent with children at Hermitage Primary. I know Hermitage has always had a number of primary 1 placing requests from outwith the catchment area, because of it’s reputation and from what I’ve heard this year’s future primary 1 is in line with the norm. But it is the huge influx of JLB pupils to Hermitage at all levels over the past 6 months that is particularly alarming. A new primary 6 class had to be created at Hermitage last term to cope with the additional students and seemingly JLB had a composite primary 2/3 class that is no more. Just from chatting to mums at the school gates, I know of 20 kids who have transferred to Hermitage from JLB and I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully Hermitage is a well run school and seems to be coping with the challenge at the moment. But that is purely down to the outstanding leadership of the head teacher.
    The fact that a fairly large Helensburgh school is failing so spectacularly, clearly conflicts with Argyll & Bute’s theory that bigger is better.
  • Candidate response to Argyll Rural Schools Network
    Sadly it’s not just the pupils of rural schools who are treated with disregard by Argyll & Bute Council. John Logie Baird Primary is a school in crisis. There has been no head teacher for some time, despite advertising the post 9 months ago. As a result the school is in a complete downward spiral. This has resulted in a mass exodus of pupils to other schools, which seem to be overwhelmed, with Hermitage Primary having to create a whole new class to cope. I’m astonished that the area’s councillor, Ellen Morton, in her capacity as spokesperson for education and lifelong learning has not intervened.
  • Dame Ellen invites…
    Shock horror. Hold the front page – “leaving do organised for colleague.” Such emails are sent the length and breadth of the country everyday.
  • Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse
    Kats Comments
    At 85p an hour you shouldn’t be paying any tax. Time to get yourself a new accountant and then you won’t have to rant like a loon about where your taxes are best spent.
    I too am self employed, with all the drawbacks of no sick pay, annual leave etc. But I recognise that paying tax is to contribute to many different aspects of society. Some benefit me personally, others don’t. But that’s the price we pay to be part of society.
    To saddle students with tuition fees is completely unfair. Especially when the Westminster baby boomers, who introduced the loans benifited greatly from free university tuition, with many claiming student grants and housing benefit. Personally I had to work until 1 am every night (fortunately at more than 85p an hour) to pay the rent during my 7 year course and still had a huge student loan following graduation, that took many years to pay off.
  • Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose
    If memory serves me right, Brighton doesn’t have a supermarket on the peir – and it is a fantastic and vibrant seaside town with several happy shopkeepers. There are other ways to regenerate town centres and I think the latest images of the swimming pool by Hoskins is a huge step in the right direction.

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