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Agreed then. Let’s watch this space closely and …

Comment posted Has Loch Fyne Oysters been shucked by the right partner? by School Defender.

Agreed then. Let’s watch this space closely and we’ll no doubt have a discussion in a year’s time when the 2012 accounts are published. Personally, and without detailed knowledge of the Scottish Salmon Company’s financial aspirations, I believe that this will be a positive move for LFO, Scottish Salmon Company, and most importantly, Argyll.

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  • BFM- I am sorry for my comment, it was uncalled for and quite rude (as evidenced by the number of no votes). I blame a long hard day at the coalface with unruly youngsters, but that’s probably just an excuse for a hint of envy at your financial analysis, plus a little irritation that the FA story and your response tries to use a good news story to attack a valuable Scottish industry.
  • Posting at 1.08am? If you need a cure for insomnia, can I suggest you simply read what you wrote?
  • Well done FA for reporting on this- it’s a good news story and it is directly relevant to Argyll.
    The future of Loch Fyne Oysters has been secured by the intervention of The Scottish Salmon Company.
    Between them these companies bring employment, significant revenue, and tourists to Argyll, and export ‘Argyll’ all over the world.
    So The Scottish Salmon Company has reported a dip in profits?- no surprise given the downturn in salmon prices, but a £14.4m profit is not to be sniffed at, especially since most of this was generated in Argyll.
    Your analysis of the salmon market is amateurish and merely an attempt to criticise the industry, and as for your attempt to play the Norwegian bogeyman card, you have been praising Norway to the heavens as a role model for an independant Scotland for long enough so what exactly is your point?
    And hurrah for The Scottish Salmon Company for announcing massive capital investment plans in rural Scotland with the attendant job creation. How many other businesses are expressing such positivity in the current economic climate?

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