There should be a maximum age limit for …

Comment posted Council election candidates’ contacts by Treble T.

There should be a maximum age limit for people standing for election as a councillor. I would make age limit the same as directors of public limited companies (PLC) namely 70.

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  • Savills say new version of Land & Buildings Transaction Tax 27% higher than rest of UK
    There is no need to have a debate about the declining population in Argyll & Bute as the reason is quite obvious.
    The schools in Argyll & Bute are keen for as many school leavers as possible to go university when they leave secondary school. Whilst that in theory may be a good idea in practice it means that most of the school leavers do not come back to work in Argyll & Bute after graduating from university as there are few if any jobs in their chosen field in Argyll & Bute.
    Schools would be far better encouraging their school leavers to serve an apprenticeship in one of the trades but that does not look good in the league tables for secondary schools.
  • Permanent Secretary to Scottish Government steps down to mixed reviews
    Hopefully the next Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government will be fair and independent to all parties at Holyrood and not cosying up to “nippy sweetie” Nicola!
  • Gordon Brown to stand down from Westminster at General Election
    Gordon Brown has a cheek being paid a full MP’s salary at Westminster since May 2010 as he has hardly attended any sessions of parliament. He is like most politicians in the UK who are out to earn as much money as possible whilst carrying out the least amount of work possible.
  • Michael Russell’s message to Argyll
    I am also a responsible dog owner who owns a West Highland White dog and I feel very strongly about this issue.
    We used to have two West Highland White dogs but sadly one of them was put to sleep last June aged 10 as he was suffering from cancer.
    One thing is certain. I will not be bullied by Michael Russell who is supposed act for all his constituents no matter what party they voted for and it is high time that Nicola Sturgeon told him to stop his bullying tactics.
    The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.
  • Michael Russell’s message to Argyll
    I would certainly not waste my time contacting the UN Secretary General as the United Nations are a bunch of toothless wonders!

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7 Responses to There should be a maximum age limit for …

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  2. Sad state of affairs with the Tories lad not being able to put forward a personal email address. Not heard of Gmail Lewis? Bet he’s on Facebook and Linked-in :) I really think the lack of response re candidate email addresses and pdf’s just shows how our aspiring Argyll politicos have yet to embrace the online electorate.

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  3. There is a Tory candidate in the Highland Council area -the Ward is in Sutherland- who is 87 years old and is simply standing because he has been persuaded by Tory HQ that this might “spoil” the SNP vote. This gent lives in Drumnadrochit, 60 miles outside the Ward, and will not be campaigning or bothering with election literature.
    How many other Tory candidates are in this category?

    And here’s a thought! What if he is successful?

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  4. I would not normally comment upon the “Like/Dislike” facility on this site but , for the two who have indicated “dislike” on my item above, I am intrigued to learn what the objection is. Do they really think that the action by the Tories in this instance is defensible and, if they do, why not have the courtesy to tell us why?

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  5. There should be a maximum age limit for people standing for election as a councillor. I would make age limit the same as directors of public limited companies (PLC) namely 70.

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  6. Surely ability is of more importance than age!

    The possessor of the sharpest intellect that I encounter regularly is in his early eighties.He has no ambitions to be a councillor but the idea that he might be barred because of his age is bizarre.

    As one 21 year old said, “When I was fifteen I was convinced that my father was a silly old fool. By the time I reached 23 I was astounded how much wisdom he had acquired in the previous eight years.”

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