He absolutlely should be proud, Brian Keating is …

Comment posted Ugadale Hotel reopens to the call of The Herd’s Horn by newsroom.

He absolutlely should be proud, Brian Keating is one of the great inspirational innovators in Argyll – and he is the force behind Helensburgh’s great ccmmunity TV statlon – URTV.

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  • Tatterdemalion Named Person provision in Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014
    The ‘opposition’ largely voted it through.
    While, with the SNP majority it would have gone through anyway, the government likes to look supported in these things.
    The ‘opposition’ members [foolishly] allowed themselves to be persuaded to overcome their fears on the Named Person provision on the promise that this aspect of the Act would not be implemented without further consultation .
    This promise was very promptly broken as several local authorities activated it at once, with government permission.
    In our follow up article we will have something revelatory to show about this speed of implementation.
  • In a party for whom 84,000 members are not enough for candidate selection, will Hosie’s elevation curtail Salmond’s ambitions?
    There’s an Irish description for the phenomenon you identify. ‘If you throw a stone into a pack of dogs, it’s the one you hit that howls.’
  • Possible game changer: Prestwick Trumped for Turnberry – and more?
    He’s not offering to buy Prestwick – but to bring business in via this airport in return for investment in it.
    He’s an entrepreneur. He’s bought Turnberry. He’s investing in it at a serious level. He spent a lot of money on Balmenie.
    If what may well be, at this stage, a numinous notion is taken seriously by all possible parties, it could be successful.
    Its potential to serve and open up access to other specialist golf courses in Scotland [many of which are in beautiful but economically challenged areas] via an internal flight network, is fully exciting and practically achievable.
    Rather than apply the sniff test, shaking hands on a deal and getting it moving could be the smart way to go.
  • Stepping down at Perth, Salmond tries to validate his failure by latching on to his party’s success
    We don’t think you will find that For Argyll ever said that the Union had ‘won’. Because we have never thought it did. There was simple relief at a respite.
    We believe the Union lost – because it never fought; and lost trust and respect on that account.
    We have said repeatedly that the SNP’s strategic organisation of its indy campaign to ground level and across the country was superb and unmatched – probably unmatchable.
    We have said we believe that the SNP will win new Scottish seats in the 2015 General Election – but no one can determine what the number of those seats will be, because local factors apply.
    We have said that we believe that independence will be in the SNP manifesto for the Scottish Election in 2016; that, unless counter action as yet not in existence materialises successfully, the result of that election will see the party given what it will be entitled to regard as a mandate for another referendum; that we will see another referendum in that term; and that it would be likely to carry.
    For good reason, we would see this as a retrogressive step for Scotland – but we openly recognise the realities.
    Equally objectively – as laid out in the evidence above – we see Alex Salmond as having cost his party an independence which, with a strong performance despite what he did and did not do, it could have won on 18th September.
    Mr Salmond’s megalomania, as evidenced in the Newsweek Europe interview linked in our comment above, is at a stage where it may of interest to clinicians – but is worrying evidence of accelerated personal freefall.
    He has also said that ‘he’ will trade another referendum for SNP support for Labour’s Ed Miliband following the 2015 General Election.
    Nicola Sturgeon has said: ‘I’ll be in charge, and I don’t think he’s in any doubt about that.’SNP rules also put the party leader in charge of ALL elected representatives.
    Mr Salmond does not appear to see it that way. If he is elected to Westminster, he will be a pretty difficult loose canon there for the more measured Ms Sturgeon to control.
    As a side note, it is ironic that Mr Salmond is disclosing ‘his’ tariff for the SNP to support Ed Miliband into UK leadership after the 2015 General Election – when it is the SNP in Scotland who are likely to see to it that Mr Miliband’s Labour will not be in any position to support at that stage. Miliband needs to ‘beware Greeks bearing gifts’.
  • Stepping down at Perth, Salmond tries to validate his failure by latching on to his party’s success
    It is worth noting that – on hard documented evidence – Mr Salmond appears to be in the advanced stages of folie de grandeur, or megalomania.
    In an interview to be published today, 14th November, he has told Newsweek Europe that, in terms of his planned future career as a Westminster MP, he may ‘knock off one or two things for Liverpool and Newcastle’; going on to say – and are you sitting when you read this?: ‘Is ENGLAND [our emphasis] going to be safer IN MY HANDS [our emphasis] or in the hands of this coalition government or of Nigel Farage? Much safer IN MY HANDS [our emphasis].


    At this orbital rate, he’ll be out there on Comet Gerasimenko with the Philae landing craft in no time at all. ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s SuperAlex’.

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6 Responses to He absolutlely should be proud, Brian Keating is …

  1. I remember when Brian Keating acquired the Ugadale and the Beachcomber about 5 years ago and he was talking then about reviving the Kintyre Club then. I think alot of people thought he was mad. It was so great to see him yesterday, and see his project reaching fruition. Saving the Royal, building the new course, recruiting the Americans, reviving the Kintyre Club…. He should be very proud!!

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    • He absolutlely should be proud, Brian Keating is one of the great inspirational innovators in Argyll – and he is the force behind Helensburgh’s great ccmmunity TV statlon – URTV.

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  2. What a great project for Kintyre, Keating & Southworth should be commended. Both have done a great deal to help the area. Building the second sustainable links course (which can never be moved to China), Restoring the two most beautiful hotels in Kintyre (both over 100 years old) to their former glory..(with better water closets), employing 100′s, attracting 1000′s and also restoring the Kintyre Club, a much forgotten institution which captured the very spirit and pride of Kintyre when it was the mother of Scottish enterprise.

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