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Generally good news here, but do be aware …

Comment posted £6million for next generation community buy outs – ‘Britain’s new radicals’ by Scott.

Generally good news here, but do be aware that the Tayvallich scheme does not include a filling station.

Your own post refers:

Tayvallich community now own village business
Posted on November 7, 2008

Good luck to Tarbert.

Scott also commented

  • From memory, a filling station was never part of the successful community buy-out in Tayvallich.

    I believe there was at one time a garage business in the village, but if so it closed decades ago.

Recent comments by Scott

  • A83: Is there a planning issue in Transport Scotland’s intent to revise the old military road below Rest and Be Thankful?
    Stephen (no 4)

    From Wikipedia (with the usual caveats):

    “Rest and be thankful are the words inscribed on a stone near the junction of the A83 and the B828, placed there by soldiers who built the original military road in 1753, now referred to as the Drovers’ road. The original stone fell into ruin and was replaced by a commemorative stone at the same site.
    The section is so named as the climb out of Glen Croe is so long and steep at the end that it was traditional for travellers to rest at the top, and be thankful for having reached the highest point.”

    I can imagine that getting a horse-drawn loaded cart or coach up the old road, with what would be dodgy brakes by any modern standard, would certainly require the odd prayer of thanks at the top. Getting the same down would be even more fun!

    A boiling radiator pales by comparison!

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