Happy memories of Ceilidh Place evenings and the …

Comment posted BBC ALBA: Music House-ful of tradition bearing and new stars by Ken MacColl.

Happy memories of Ceilidh Place evenings and the benign presence of Jean Urquhart MSP and Bar.

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  • Scotland’s Big Voice and the ‘One Vote’ fight for the Union
    I met a colleague in Oban this morning who advised me that the SNP had won three by elections on Thursday of this week. I knew that those contests were being held but had heard nothing in the morning news bulletins so I asked him where he had the information from.
    “Oh” he replied, ” I have not yet confirmed the news but I knew that as BBC Scotland had not announced the results or even put them on their website they could only be positive for the nationalists.”
    And so it proved, with substantial wins in Buckie, Glenrothes and Armadale.
  • Scotland’s Big Voice and the ‘One Vote’ fight for the Union
    Just for the record, Plugit, Alex is of average height and he has an Honours degree in History.
    Apart from that I imagine the rest of your comment is accurate.
  • Scotland’s Big Voice and the ‘One Vote’ fight for the Union
    Never got to Vienna, Graeme, although I get the impression that there is a capital much closer to us that still carries delusions of empirical superiority exemplified by the idea that we are better together but we should not get notions above our station.
  • Scotland’s Big Voice and the ‘One Vote’ fight for the Union
    This odd “wheel of (mis) Fortune” appeared first in the columns of the March Scots Independent late in February but attracted little attention at the time from our Unionist Press although it was also published in The National. News seems to come late to some parts of Argyll!

    The wheel and its recommendations come from ScotLab activist Robert MacNeil from Tranent in East Lothian, billed as an office bearer in his local branch and of East Lothian CA and advisor to Scottish Labour. His particular reading suggests that in Argyll & Bute the most effective challenger to the SNP was the Tory candidate and you can deduce some of his other assessments from their placement on the wheel. Both Alan Reid and Mary Galraith’s chances were dismissed out of hand! The predictions were quickly rubbished by his own party colleagues and indeed Mr MacNeil’s standing within his party was also denied.

    Can it be that an element of panic is emerging?

  • Lib Dem Yellow Box budget stunt degrades House of Commons
    Alan Reid, MP, did indeed attend the TTIP hustings in Oban and thereby increased identifiable LibDem support at the event to two. The downside here is that he probably reduced the attendance at Clegg’s rally in Aberdeen on Friday night by a significant proportion as well.

    This event was organised by a young lady from Lochaber and showed a rare initiative in bringing to public attention a topic that UK,EU and USA authorities appear to wish to negotiate and deliver without any consultative reference to electors. I feel sure that my radical relatives of past generations would have felt serious concern about the way that secretive cabals were dividing up the trade cake and certainly would not have shared the feelings of a political activist present whose only concern appeared to be a wholly spurious suggestion that the publicity for the meeting might be illegal. A better illustration of the lurch to the right on the part of the Scottish (?) Labour Party could hardly be constructed.

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