Nobody nailed Mike Russell yet for the ‘bloody …

Comment posted Russell nails the ‘bloody disgrace’ of Craignure ferry gangway by Simon.

Nobody nailed Mike Russell yet for the ‘bloody disgrace’ that was Robslee and Hillhead???


No one going to have a go at the man responsible??

Recent comments by Simon

  • Failure of Council’s ‘complicated procurement procedure’ leaves islands with no air services from 16th May 2015 for at least a year
    So, running out of things to slag the SNP about Newsie returns to her other obsession, her first-love – favourite ‘other’ – the Council. Proverbs 26:11 (NIV) springs to mind.

    Just as one telephone is worthless so one bid from an organisation that seeks to exploit a monopoly situation by tabling a bid “based on a profit margin well above the industry norm for similar PSO services throughout Scotland” is also worthless. It raises also the question of State Aid – a concept Newsie revels in in relation to Clyde Ferries but ignores in relation to even-more subsidies for HSAL.

    It seems to be the Council have acted correctly in refusing to be blackmailed by HSAL so well done them.
    This is a hot-potch of an article framed entirely by Newsie’s continuing and obsessive opposition to almost every decision taken by the council to the point where she is prepared to support the actions of a private firm that is seeking to exploit a situation at the expense of the tax paying public in Argyll.

    Oh, By the way – if my memory serves me correctly the community body never offered £1 million for Castle Toward. It started at £750k and never got any higher than £850k. Still keep repeating the lies Newsie, no doubt some numpty will believe them.

  • Helensburgh parties dispute over ‘For Argyll poll’
    Dammed by faint praise “Alan Reid…a safe pair of hands”.

    Well that says it all.

    A nonentity of a little toad that connived with Cleggy and the Tories.


    Personally I don’t think Scotland wants ‘safe’! See, because ‘safe’ means continuing austerity; it means 220,000 CHILDREN continuing to live in poverty in Scotland; it means yet more record numbers of people using food banks in Scotland; it means the iniquitous the bedroom tax; it means even more cuts in benefits to the most vulnerable to pay for both the lies and the bonuses of the bankers: it means even more tax breaks for the greedy rich who just want to be richer: it means yon companies – the tax dodgers, the Amazons, the Cost Coffee, the Googles, the Starbucks just continue to get away with it: it means the continuing salami-privatisation of the NHS.

    Enough of this keech.

    ‘Safe’ is keech and offers just more of the same. Us being lectured to and told ‘it’s good for us’ by yon Tory public school boys.

    Feck them and their lickspittle Lib Dem pals that inflected them on us.

    Feck ‘safe’.

    Let’s do what Charlie Gray said in 1992 after Scotland, yet again, voted against the Tories. And England returned them, yet again. So, Charlie Gray on live TV said ‘maybe it’s time we all started living a little dangerously’.

    I’m ok with that.

    I’m voting tactically.

    I’m voting SNP.

  • Chief Constable lets slip plans to sell off Dumbarton divisional Police Scotland HQ
    Milliband was foolish and somewhat inept in allowing the Tories to back him in a corner over a potential deal with the SNP.

    He could simply have said (and repeated ad nauseum) ‘we are focusing on winning a majority and won’t discuss and won’t be distracted by talk of deals with any party’. Or, he could similarly attacked the Tories for being prepared to deal with UKIP and the Lib Dems for prepared to do a deal with the Tories – again.

    If Labour have the opportunity to do a deal with other progressive parties and knock it back and by default the UK with ends up the Tories again – Labour are finished everywhere.

  • Forget tactical voting for unity. Forget the coming of the one-party state. Your party matters more?
    Gus, the reality is that if you vote Labour in A&B all you’re doing is increasing Alan Reid’s chances of getting back in.

    Labour will not win in A&B neither will the Tories. The only realistic alternative to the LIB Dems in A&B is the SNP.

    I’m taking Newsie’s advice. I’m voting tactically. I’m voting SNP.

  • Chief Constable lets slip plans to sell off Dumbarton divisional Police Scotland HQ
    Why on earth is anybody even remotely surprised at this?

    When the UK national government adopts an austerity budget and demands cuts in public services – this is precisely and exactly what happens.

    No doubt Newsie will be gearing up to get hers knickers in a twist when the local council, along with every council in Scotland, is forced to make draconian cuts from its budget.

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12 Responses to Nobody nailed Mike Russell yet for the ‘bloody …

  1. What a very sad piece from you newsroom.Disappointed you would use this as a SNP election advert but it is good to know where you stand.This shambles has affected locals and tourists alike and when calmac is funded by all taxpayers whatever way they vote to blatantly use it as a political stunt they obviously think our heads zip up the back.
    Power to all the ferry passengers.

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    • Neil – the articles on this site contain a mixture of ‘news’ and ‘comment’ and I would have thought most readers are well able to filter the two from one another and disregard the bits they don’t agree with. It’s not easy to ‘comment’ on an issue without someone somewhere perceiving it as bias, but in this case I’m struggling to see what you are so exercised about. The article is basically news – as in: “MSP calls on council to fix dodgy gangway” – the MSP’s party is not part of the story. This is followed by ‘comment’, echoing Mr Russell’s call on the council to do something about the problem. The bias here seems to me to be no more than ‘For Argyll’

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    • Cant see much wrong with the article. Regarding the ‘canny ship jumper’ Mary jean devon, i wonder how the canny electorate will view the yo-yo ing back and forth by this elected member in the name of self preservation.

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  2. The responsibility for major ferry termini that form part of our national infrastructure seems to be shambolic.
    The likes of Craignure terminal shouldn’t be in the hands of a local council – especially one that treats it as a ‘cash cow’ at the expense of its own taxpayers.
    The government should take over ownership and responsibilty – and the liability for outstanding essential repair / replacement work should be deducted from the price paid to the council. I wonder if the arithmetic would look as favourable to our council as funding the work and keeping the annual revenue? It is our money, Mr Walsh.

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    • We felt that the question in the Draft Ferry Review, now in consultation – about whether or not CMAL should acquire all of the ports and harbours served by the state subsidised ferry services deserved a resounding ‘Yes’.

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      • Yes – and with the proviso that a ferry operator can also be responsible for the shore staff, to avoid the situation that arose at Rothesay when Calmac found themselves at the mercy of a shore staff dispute with the council.

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  3. Terms used are a bit confusing. Calmac has to add a sum to each ticket sold on this run. It is also applied twice for the outward and return. If you carry on to Iona the same applies there. There is also a sum they have to add for each vehicle carried because piers are owned by council. berthing dues are another charge calmac pay to tie up at the pier.

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    • Surely the point is that, whatever the form of ‘tax’, it’s all being levied by the council (as owner of the Craignure terminal) on the ferry users (either directly or indirectly via Calmac) but the council have failed to maintain fit-for-purpose passenger access to the ferry at Craignure. Money for nothing, just an extra tax on people who travel to and from an island.
      Bloody disgrace is putting it mildly, and when Walsh & co get kicked out they should be made to help people on & off the ferry, and carry their bags.

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  4. Nobody nailed Mike Russell yet for the ‘bloody disgrace’ that was Robslee and Hillhead???


    No one going to have a go at the man responsible??

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  5. Surely now this will be a done deal. I know I argued against SNP colleagues in the hustings (my ONLY disagreement in 5 years of working with them) but their insistence that this was indeed ABC’s responsibility can surely mean only one thing???

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