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Totally agree Mr McCallum,as far as I could …

Comment posted RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by STEVE MC GOURLAY.

Totally agree Mr McCallum,as far as I could see, there was always a big support for Waitrose’s application and I, for one, am delighted at this development.
Currently, Helensburgh residents travel to Dumbarton for ASDA or Morrisons (or even M&S)- this might keep that business and more in the Town. Our local shops may even benefit ?????
Another Petrol station ? Oh, yes please !!!

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  • Helensburgh planning latest: Waitrose contacts residents direct
    Sadly,the narrow mindedness of Helensburgh’s shopkeepers and their like will prevail.
    No Waitrose
    No New Filling Station
    Droves of Helensburgh shoppers going to Dumbarton or beyond
    …had Waitrose called their ‘Supermarket’ a Barbers, Coffee Shop or Charity shop it would probably be built by now…lol

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