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Having read this website for many weeks, it …

Comment posted RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved by Chris Atkins.

Having read this website for many weeks, it often makes me angry. Newsroom/editor seems to be firmly in the camp of those who tell us what is best for us and what we need – not what we like and what we want. Beware of what you wish for. Lincolnshire communities are now against town centre supermarkets having watched them effectively killing town centres. I understand the Portas shopping report cites the mix of shops for a High Street success or not.
At least my friends and I will not have to trek to Dumbarton once a week. I don’t mix coffee breaks with the weekly shop I prefer to get the freezer/fresh food straight home. Oh and the rest of the week I do use the local shops.

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