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For anne baird. Thank you for being the …

Comment posted Council now deploys online ‘Spy Accounts’ in covert surveillance of local critics by the obanite.

For anne baird. Thank you for being the only one to explain this. The other councillors have been very quiet on this subject. Basically if cllr does wrong his job is safe.if one of the good cllrs reveals his name to us the voters he ends up in court! Well that is an eye opener! Meantime if this cllr in oban is not named before the elections he could be voted back in again! No wonder the mafia dont operate in argyll and bute!

the obanite also commented

  • Well it should be very important to them! I can nearly understand their legal point of view. They dont understand they have let the voters down badly! I can assure you if i had been in georges shoes and this halfwit tried to sack me from my normal job he would have been very friendly with his dentist and it would be me in court! If this man stays elected how many more people will he try and sack? neil would i be right in thinking he has the cllrs of oban “dancing”to his tune?
  • @neil mcintyre.good luck with the herald neil. The oban times have rolled over like a good wee doggy for one particular councillor!.,,@ anne baird. Good ms smith was suspended, now that shouldve happened when they ousted george all we need now is to get the cllr who ousted george from oban fm Then tried to get him sacked from his paying job aswell. Where was your precious justice then? That is fact. That is abuse of power.
  • ha ha oh i forgot about you cllr mccuish. you ARE one of the better ones.SORRY. cllr freeman you seem to stand against the wrongs of the councill too. frank just a working lad with no real understanding of local goverment buisness..BUT..if wee were to apply for a job we would need to have previous experience qualifacations for post and good work record and conduct. councillors get voted in to position. some of them do a fine job of standing up for the people of argyll..HOWEVER.. some of them seem to gather large egos and an “untouchable” mentallity. ie= ms smith types. this is at least the second time her name has croped up in a few short months.the 1st one being the oban fm sacking. she along with a never to be identified cllr were in the middle of im sure that was abuse of power?? NOW what have the good cllrs done to get to the bottom of that fiasco? what are the good cllrs going to do about the “spy scandal”? so as an ordinary laymans view ie=me there has been a cover up? that i would say equals corruption? SO PLEASE good cllrs of argyll STAND UP FOR US AND GET IT SORTED!! as long as the bad ones are at the top they are bringing argyll down.
  • @ adrian short. as a LOCAL resident i tend to err on the side thats NOT the council,they just blunder along from one scandal to the next bringing argyll down with it.
  • im more shocked that people are shocked about their under hand tactics! george berry and the oban fm debacle (swept under the carpet),spying on social networks and forums,planning permissions and school closures= abuse of power,bribery and corruption! they all reek of it!! said it before and will say it again,not one of them are fit for office! as long as they are lining each others pockets with backhanders and dodgy dealings they will never be fit for office! neil mcintyre do your town proud PLEASE!!

Recent comments by the obanite

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    all the very best to roddy. us ordinary council tax payers and voters really needed a down to earth, approachable, common sense, normal and local person looking after our interests. sadly i think thats us screwed now!
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    yip. 100%. not many crofters running about with hm coastguard and blue lights kicking about that area! was orange boiler suit with hi vis markings. thought it was strange for there to be just one person in it.
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    thankfully a good outcome. and a lucky one. this is in NO WAY a poke at the guys that risk their lives and give up their family time to rescue others usually in adverse conditions. maybe newsroom could contact martin collins at stornaway cg and ask him why their cg 4×4 with one man in an orange overall was circling the glen sallach road end at BARCALDINE!! he was obivously waiting on a redirection following an obivious mis-direction. FACT these cg station closures are sooner or later going to cost lives,due to lack of local knowledge. i wish the very best of luck to the lifeboat crews and the cg crews.i’ve got a feeling they’re gonna need it!! councillors and msp’s should be hanging their heads in shame over this very ill thought out decision.
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    ha ha the white settlers are getting restless again! local affordable housing is an absasalute must for these small villages.BUT!!! priority should be given to the LOCAL folk that have been raised in this area and totally outpriced by the incomers. as for the non local hutters maybe they should go back to whatever chemical smoke induced hut they crawled out from before arriving in this area. p.s. i cant help wondering if the person writing the community council letter could be the land owner looking for the housing permission?
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    that dummy will probably be more use there than the transport minister!!!

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