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No I don’t have anything to say about …

Comment posted Council now deploys online ‘Spy Accounts’ in covert surveillance of local critics by blackjack.

No I don’t have anything to say about it – i’ll wait until I have ALL of the facts.

blackjack also commented

  • believe it or not, I am a supporter of freedom of speech – and a blog is the perfect forum for this. However, forargyll calls itself – “The online broadsheet for Argyll”, this has connations of a certain standard of journalism. Something I don’t believe is evident here.

    Thanks for the luck 🙂

  • For Anne Baird – I did not mean to “convict” those that have posted comments, I apologise if my comments seemed to do this – I welcome the fact that there is a forum on here – it does seem to be a little unwelcoming for those that disagree with the general consensus however!

    I also understand that it’s difficult to find something good to say in such a story, perhaps I didn’t use the right term when I said “balance” because I didn’t mean that bad needs to be balanced with good and vice versa – apologies. Balance in general terms would be good on the website though, I find it hard to believe that everything A&BC does is bad?!

    On the whole, some impartiality would give the news stories on here a little more credibility for me. The stories are opinionated, and as such they read more like a politician’s column in a newspaper than a news story. I think this can sometimes prevent people from forming their own opinions. I also think that it is misleading for the website to claim to be an online broadsheet.

  • Dr Douglas McKenzie – My name is Samantha Hill, I DO NOT work for Agyll and Bute Council and am perfectly entitled to post under a pseudonym. It’s crazy that no-one believes you can possibly have some support for your own council unless you work there!

    I am a journalism student at napier (from Argyll and Bute) and hence have an interest in news!

  • I am not suggesting that the Council did nothing wrong, or that nobody should be held to account. I also don’t necessarily disagree with a lot of comments on this thread – I am simply saying that I will not form opinions based on what I read on this website – as I said before, I don’t think the reporting is well researched.
  • Completely agree with fruit salad – the news on here is so unbalanced, and sensationalised – while I don’t think stories like this should go unreported, I think I’ll stick to some more reliable sources than those from people that clearly have personal issues with A&BC.
    I remember a story a while ago, this time it was the Council’s procurement practices that were under fire, (I think it was about the tender for bus contracts), ForArgyll took one side of the story, probably from a disgruntled person that lost the tender and this formed the basis of their story – brilliant.
    It’s also quite unbelievable that a local website will not report on anything positive that the Council does. As a result, your website has no credibility and has turned into a forum for those that want to have a go at the Council, sometimes with good reason and other times not so – but your lack of research means that you will be the first port of call if someone wants their story out there.

    It’s clearly also become a forum for the disgruntled SNP…

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