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The vacancy was advertised for several weeks through …

Comment posted First lambs at Auchindrain since 1967 by Bob Clark.

The vacancy was advertised for several weeks through JobCentrePlus – the Government’s official system. After reviewing applications from all over Europe (only a handful of which were from within the UK and even fewer from within Argyll), an open and objective recruitment process selected the applicant with the best mix of experience and skills.

Provided that language ability is not an issue and the applicant is an EC citizen, I do not believe it would be lawful to take an applicant’s nationality into account as a recruitment issue.

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  • Loch Fyne Oysters’ shortlisted for major award – with three Argyll restaurants
    Congratulations to Loch Fyne on this nomination: very well deserved.
  • Tobermory RNLI lifeboat station mourns President Dr William [Bill] Clegg
    This is very sad news indeed. It may not be widely known outside those that encountered him in this role that after his retirement as the local GP, Bill Clegg developed a new role within Mull Museum, where he cared for the artifacts and their associated records. Auchindrain encountered him in this role, which he undertook in a careful, thoughtful and very distinguished way.

    The world is poorer for Bill Clegg’s passing, and our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and all those who knew and worked with him in Mull and beyond. Requiescat.

  • The phantom wallpaper-picker of Dunoon Burgh Hall
    Builders’ and decorators’ graffiti of this nature are not that uncommon, and women are often their subject. Indeed, in our collections at Auchindrain we have a rather striking pencil-sketch “naked lady” on a piece of plasterboard, which we can date to the alteration works carried out to one of our buildings in 1967 to prepare it for occupation by the museum’s first manager. I believe it is something of a tradition, with part of the point of drawing the picture being that it will in due course be hidden under paper or within a structure, where it may be found and enjoyed by later generations.

    I have emailed the people at Dunoon Burgh Hall to offer assistance with this, and hope they reply because there probably is a way forward that could allow the image to be preserved and indeed seen by hall users. But if this is to be, it needs expert, scientific, intervention.

  • The phantom wallpaper-picker of Dunoon Burgh Hall
    And now THREE dislikes! Please, whoever you are, will you explain what you dislike about my post?
  • The phantom wallpaper-picker of Dunoon Burgh Hall
    For Argyll’s correspondents sometimes have me shaking my head in disbelief. I see this post has picked up two “dislikes”. Please, if you are one of the people who have done this, will you write to say what you dislike about something so obviously innocuous and intended to be helpful?

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