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There still seems to be confusion about the …

Comment posted Transport Minister’s letter to Michael Russell MSP reveals council’s double whammy on Craignure Passenger Access by Muileach.

There still seems to be confusion about the dues paid to the council. There are two lots paid. CalMac pay berthing dues but it is us the travelling public that pay a percentage on each ticket we buy. CalMac collect this and pay this at a later date to Council, thus arriving at the large annual total.

Recent comments by Muileach

  • Russell nails the ‘bloody disgrace’ of Craignure ferry gangway
    calmac does not give the council landing dues, these are paid for by us the travelling public, calmac may pay berthing dues
  • Argyll islands: Scottish Government to launch new pilot RET fare discounts
    Sadly For Mc Phersoin I am only one of the few left having been born, bred and lived on Mull. I cannot see what the act of moving south has got to do with this, Again if you live south of watford junction the isklands are of no intertest. Stens have a good service to northern
    Ireland. If you were a regular user trying to get bookings you would not be very happy at all.
  • Argyll islands: Scottish Government to launch new pilot RET fare discounts
    Mull people are as usual last in the queue. What are our elected reps doing about it. It is not very good for the ones in the SNP unless they have jumped ship. People forget that especially for Oban there would not be much traffic to the town. We see thelarge numbers of people that are brought here by the magic of Iona and Staffa and Mull benifits as well. The winter ferry for Mull is pathetic one day sailing on a Friday. On top of all this we cannot board the ferry easily with no suitable gangway for all the ships./ Remember if therte is a breakdown the Mull ferry is first to withdrawn to sereve another island and up tiull now we put up with itas we know the other island might have a emergency. REMEMBER IN SWEDEN ALL FERRIES ARE FREE AND WE SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE THAT AS WELL AS WELL AS SKYE We have been promised a fuel reduction and that will place another burden on the retailerssince another pile of returns will cost the retailer in time
    I could go on but the RET is notsuch good news for us. Maybe Stena would do better
  • Quality of life in Scotland: Argyll’s 2011 resolution is ‘Must do better’
    A lot of things need to improve. We on the islands had our own councillors. Regardless of claims by the mainland based councillors that they know about island life and can represent the islands. You need to live here 365 days a year. Tiree and Coll had a councillor and now have non on the islands. We need to think of alternatives such as joining up with Morvern as we are still closely connected as that area was also Argyll and some still refer to this. They also have first class roads. The drawing up of the last elections new boundarys was a ridiculous excercise aimed at numbers, nothing else to please ill informed policy makers in far of lands away from Argyll. Oban needs to get the recommendations of endless reports/surveys acted on. Getting through Oban to catch a ferry can take so long because of narrow main streets making a few pounds in parking fees. I think the natives are arising
  • Argyll Bute Council: ‘THE ADMINISTRATION’ – the price of communities
    Mary Jean was elected as a Lib/Dem and changed afterwards to Independent. Maybe a change back is in the offing/

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