…..so there is somewhere dearer than the Tarbert …

Comment posted Cameron on the back foot on independence referendum choices by jake.

…..so there is somewhere dearer than the Tarbert Co-oP. I live and learn.

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  • Scotland’s Big Voice and the ‘One Vote’ fight for the Union
    “Every voter knows that this, not last September’s referendum, is the Union’s real last stand.”

    What every voter knows is that Scotland voted to stay in the Union and that this election is about electing politicians to represent us individually and collectively in parliament in that union. Every voter also knows that the independence referendum decision can’t and won’t be changed no matter how many SNP MPs are returned to Westminster; that can only come about with another referendum. That is a matter of reality. What is a matter of conjecture is whether there will be another referendum, whether it will be sooner rather than later, and whether if it happens the result will be the same. So it isn’t the Union’s last stand and to argue otherwise is dishonest scaremongering.

  • Labour candidate for Argyll & Bute challenged by SNP candidate on Blair funding
    The issue isn’t whether individuals should be allowed to donate to political parties or not, but about whether the donation should be accepted.
    All political parties at one time or another have accepted money from sources that their political opponents have sought to highlight to their own political advantage. That’s not a bad system if it keeps the parties clean. It does however require a degree of openness and transparency about party funding and political donation ( me thinks there’s still a lot to be done here, but that’s another issue). Credit to Labour and Blair for being up front about this money, which could just as easily have been drip-fed in and/or funneled through a series of anonymising foundations, charities and think-tanks, as a lot of political funding is.
    To my mind it’s a matter for each party and for each candidate, after they’ve met their legal obligations, to weigh up the costs and benefits as they, tactically and strategically, determine them to be. It’s for the party and the candidate to read the mood of the electorate and having done so as best they can, choose how to proceed.
    I note the Labour candidate Lesley Brennan was minded to turn down the Blair windfall to her campaign coffers but it seems she may be obliged to accept them for the greater good of the party despite her own judgement.
  • Labour candidate for Argyll & Bute challenged by SNP candidate on Blair funding
    “yessnp” !! how very last September.
    The “no” campaign having won the referendum argument, isn’t it time to wind down project fear,stop the nat-bashing and now, finally, articulate their positive vision for the future?
  • Labour candidate for Argyll & Bute challenged by SNP candidate on Blair funding
    …a master-class in irony, Simon, thanks for that.
  • Labour candidate for Argyll & Bute challenged by SNP candidate on Blair funding
    yep…same old record, same old gramophone, Lowry.

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15 Responses to …..so there is somewhere dearer than the Tarbert …

  1. Can you please reformat the text if this article. It’s one huge paragraph which does nothing to show case it’s contents.


    Incidentally thought the FM was thrown onto the political back foot this week. Sandwiched between Donald trumps dislike of windmill, the devo max card and his inability to answer such basic questions as taxation, defence and the oil fund.

    Incidentally which Norway has achieved through some of the highest taxation levels in the world. Welcome to the democratic socialist world – £8 for a beer.

    I welcome informed comment.

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    • If your man in Oslo is really there he cannot fail to be aware that although Norwegians live in a country with a very high cost of living they also enjoy a very high standard of living and, generally speaking, are content with their lot. The gap between rich and poor is far less extreme than in the UK and the standard of social and medical services is well in advance of anything that we may aspire to. Roads,ferries and other transport infrastructure-bridges and tunnels – is of a very high standard although they have much more severe weather patterns and terrain to contend with.They manage to protect their fishing and rural communities and have an adequate but not excessive defence budget.
      Alcohol is taxed highly as a social priority and drunkeness is rarely encountered.If the price of beer is really your priority perhaps you would not like it!

      Incidentally, with their careful management of their Oil Fund the Norwegians have a fair bit of money in the bank for rainy days as well.

      They certainly have fewer windfarms than neighbouring Sweden and Denmark but their hydro electric capacity is so well exploited that they are able to export most of their North Sea Gas to others, including the UK.

      The crucial factor is, however, that Norway – a small nation of around 5 million people on the edge of Europe is independent and recently celebrated 100 years of self determination.

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  2. “Can you please reformat the text if this article. It’s one huge paragraph which does nothing to show case it’s contents.

    Thank you”


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  3. Basically it looks as if ,yet again,a Tory has tried that old jam tomorrow trick.

    It worked in 1979 but more fool us if we believe it now.

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    Please join us now at: <a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/22-Sept-2012-March-and-Rally-for-Scottish-Independence-Edinburgh/297192740335889?sk=wall&quot;

    ALSO, if you want to be kept up to date with details about the March and Rally, who is speaking/performing etc – then please click the link below also.

    Finally, we really need volunteers to help organise and motivate people to attend from allover Scotland – please get it touch if you can spare even 30 mins a week.


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  5. Indeed the cost of living is exceptionally high. It cost me 160 nok the other night for 8 litres of milk and a loaf of bread. In today’s exchange rates that about £18!!!!!

    Healthcare child care and education for children is second to none, The Norwegian government run protectionist policies for it’s agricultural industries. Remember the butter shortage in Oslo at Christmas. In short high taxation allows the Norwegians to develop and maintain their oil fund. If an independent Scotland were to develop it’s own oil fund then the additional £1 billion per year saved would have to be raised in tax.

    Incidentally alchol is exceptional highly priced that’s why Norwegians tend to have forspiel before they go outie get tanked up at home then go out and finish up. Public drunkenness is not that socially unacceptable in fact a saturady night in Oslo is not too different to a saturadays night in Aberdeen or Glasgow.

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    • I thought the Huff Post had pretentions to credibility? – and it has offers from Waitrose (dirt cheap by Nog standards) in pride of place, so – recommending this stuff to us – you’d better be careful if you venture anywhere near the centre of Helensburgh.

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  6. I’ll be back in Helensburgh middle of March

    Recommend I did nothing of the sort though I must admit the close trade relations with china are a boon for Scottish seafood.

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