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I’ll be back in Helensburgh middle of March Recommend …

Comment posted Cameron on the back foot on independence referendum choices by Ourmaninoslo.

I’ll be back in Helensburgh middle of March

Recommend I did nothing of the sort though I must admit the close trade relations with china are a boon for Scottish seafood.

Ourmaninoslo also commented

  • Incidentally just read this in the huffington post.

    I respect the SNP but if the first minister reacts to this ………….

  • Indeed the cost of living is exceptionally high. It cost me 160 nok the other night for 8 litres of milk and a loaf of bread. In today’s exchange rates that about £18!!!!!

    Healthcare child care and education for children is second to none, The Norwegian government run protectionist policies for it’s agricultural industries. Remember the butter shortage in Oslo at Christmas. In short high taxation allows the Norwegians to develop and maintain their oil fund. If an independent Scotland were to develop it’s own oil fund then the additional £1 billion per year saved would have to be raised in tax.

    Incidentally alchol is exceptional highly priced that’s why Norwegians tend to have forspiel before they go outie get tanked up at home then go out and finish up. Public drunkenness is not that socially unacceptable in fact a saturady night in Oslo is not too different to a saturadays night in Aberdeen or Glasgow.

  • Can you please reformat the text if this article. It’s one huge paragraph which does nothing to show case it’s contents.


    Incidentally thought the FM was thrown onto the political back foot this week. Sandwiched between Donald trumps dislike of windmill, the devo max card and his inability to answer such basic questions as taxation, defence and the oil fund.

    Incidentally which Norway has achieved through some of the highest taxation levels in the world. Welcome to the democratic socialist world – £8 for a beer.

    I welcome informed comment.

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  • Scotland’s economic future: the role of oil and gas
    so many armchair generals,

    excellent article newsroom. I do this for a career so i understand the delicate balance between investment and extraction and also the geopolitical influences which determine where and when substatial captial is invested.

    i lived in norway for 2 years, my 2 eldest chikdren speak norwegian, jeg snakker lit norsk. norway is no utopia. let me tell you the hard truth it is an exceptionally expensive contry to live in. in the uk we have a culture which is substatianlly different to that of the scandanvian countries.

    putting the alcohol prcing thing to one side ( which is incidentially down to doctors prescribing alchol as an antidespresan in the 1920 and 1930 in the region )

    norway has maintained its sovereign welath fund through taxation. i was taxed at 47.5% of my earnings. So where i worked 60-80 hours per week for some months at a time. 30-40 hours if that went to pay my tax bill. and before sime one says that its not possible to work that many hours in norway as the trade unions wouldnt allow it. as a manger you are not covered by such legislation.

    the cukture of the scandanvian countries is significantly differen to that of the uk. there is an excellent blog call My little Norway, which others have visited here, which gives an insight. norwegians are proudly insular and independant but dont expect any banter at the train station annaspect of scottish life which i love.

    in short i lovd working in norway ( as ourmaninoslo ) but i would nt wish to spend the rest if my life there. if the brave new world view is that scotland shoukd be become a new norway then i’ll not be coming back.

  • Morphing Scotland: Saudi Arabia to Silicone Valley
    Unfortunately it’s not greed it about choice.

    I choose to ride my bike to work every day rather than drive.
    My boss chooses to drive an electric car. And my summer present this year was an solar panel to charge my phone.

    Do I work for a renewables company nope I work for one I the 4 largest global contractors in the oil industry.

    It’s about choice

  • Morphing Scotland: Saudi Arabia to Silicone Valley
    Google inpex ichthys.

    This will soon be the worlds biggest subsea LPG field. Inpex is a Japanese owned energy company.

  • Council Leader, Councillors, CEO, Senior Officers: working relationships
    Interest post by Simon,

    The person is in fight or flight mode. Obviously personally threatened by the recent democratic changes. The use of the ” you don’t” and “you don’t” indicates a person very much being pushed into a very uncomfortable position, with real concern over the future.

  • Are we going to accept the death of the Argylls?
    The unfortunate thing is that uk plc is broke.

    And sentiment has little room when there is no cash in the coffers.

    We spend 25% of our GDP on welfare compared to 2.7% on defence. So it depends in what’s important to you?

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