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George. Thank you for your comments. Neil Macintyre should get …

Comment posted Opposition evaluations of three year council budget by Treble T.

Thank you for your comments.
Neil Macintyre should get his facts right before giving “duff” information regarding rural libraries in the Helensburgh and Lomond area being open for business.
I would like to know when the remainder of Argyll & Bute will be getting their general waste (domestic) bins emptied on a fortnightly basis as they currently are in Islay, Mull and Helensburgh.
I am sure you can see the trend, “out of site out of mind” as far as Kilmory is concerned!

Treble T also commented

  • Council taxpayers living around Helensburgh are lucky to still have small libraries. Council taxpayers in other parts of Argyll & Bute who pay the same council tax as those in the Helensburgh area have to make do with a mobile library. The sooner every council taxpayer receives the same services (good or bad) from Argyll & Bute Council the better.

Recent comments by Treble T

  • Corbyn impact comes at once in Scotland – forcing First Minister to get on with indy
    In my opinion Jeremy Corbyn has lost the plot.
    He appoints fire raiser Lord Mike Watson who was jailed for 16 months as a result of setting the curtains on fire at Prestonfield House as his Education Minister in the House of Lords and a vegan as his shadow Agricultural Minister at Westminster.
    It looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
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    When the Labour Party lose a few by-elections or the General Election in 2020 then the penny will drop and Jeremy Corbyn will be ousted as Leader of the Labour Party.
  • First meeting of Scotland’s Refugee Task Force
    Families on social housing waiting lists are not going to be very happy when they see refugees being given these houses.
    We keep reading in the newspapers about the lack of social housing being built yet when there is a refugee crisis houses appear like magic.
    It would be interesting to know how many social housing houses throughout Scotland are currently lying empty and not in use.
  • SNP face two major smellies in public contracts for party cash
    Hugh Jazz.
    You are a typical Yes supporter. You love to dish it out but are unable/unwilling to accept another person’s point of view if it does not agree with your narrow twisted views.
    My post about Jennifer Dempsie is totally correct and if you cannot accept it then too bad.
  • SNP face two major smellies in public contracts for party cash
    In my opinion the Scottish Conservative Party should change its name to the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and try to get protestants living in Scotland to vote for them.

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