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Simon, Councillor George Freeman must have second sight, …

Comment posted Opposition evaluations of three year council budget by Robert Wakeham.

Simon, Councillor George Freeman must have second sight, because he’s already addressed your anxieties, on a different thread earlier this evening.
You really should try and pay attention – I’m sure your teacher’s told you that.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Not just appalling – incomprehensible that there’s no established Scotland-wide code of practice to ensure this sort of petty, vindictive and damaging ‘politicking’ is outlawed. It gives democracy a bad name, and it’s a great pity that Executive Director Douglas Hendry and Head of Governance & Law Charles Reppke don’t have the duty to advise the ruling cabal to behave more responsibly – or do they?

Recent comments by Robert Wakeham

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Just for the historical record, ‘A Salmon’, can one assume that by now you’ve consumed your bonnet?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    MM – lies coming from Obama? – I seriously doubt it, perhaps you’ve got him confused with Trump?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    ‘Shear arrogance'(sic) is over-egging it by a long way, Malcolm, and remember just how much vindictive sniping there was by people without the guts to identify themselves.
    I think that the For Argyll folk deserve great credit for tolerating all the garbage in the interests of free speech – I would have been sorely tempted to ‘out’ some of the more vicious commentators (and recommend they seek counselling on the state of their mental health, before they get into real trouble).
  • SNP MP backs call for CalMac to put MV Coruisk back on Mallaig-Armadale service – and is to go direct to the Transport Minister
    So, if I understand you correctly, different Calmac ships require different, mutually incompatible, linkspans.
    A polite response is ‘Oh dear’ but there are far less polite reactions that would surely be in order.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    It’s Buckfast, not buck fast – and is named after a Benedictine abbey (also known locally in South Devon as ‘Fast Buck Abbey’).

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