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Hello Scots Renewable. I must confess that I had …

Comment posted Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed by Mike Story.

Hello Scots Renewable.

I must confess that I had not looked at who initially produced the current Argyll and the Isles website. When we set the group up we actually borrowed the current site from Argyll Food Producers and Food from Argyll who were kind enough to come to our aid. We as a group are very aware of the importance of local provenance, right across Argyll and the Isles, and where possible we will be buying services locally.



Mike Story also commented

  • In response to the questions from “Scots Renewables”,who raises some very good points, I thought I might give you some information from the horses mouth so to speak.

    The Tourism Industry in Argyll and the Isles, by way of the 28 Marketing groups and the National Park, identified that it wanted to see an area specific website, that would attract business to Argyll and the Isles, not just Scotland in general.

    The web portal will be developed to act for the 28 marketing groups in Argyll and The Isles, to give their specific areas more visibility. It will also act as a database of all points of interest, activities, historical interests, high class imagery and locally designed familiarisation trips for wholesale travel agents, travel journalists and overseas buyers who can bring valuable spend to our area. The database will also be used by local businesses to help put together attractive itineraries for guests, to create “A Journey Through Argyll”

    There is indeed public money in the war chest, but a full 25% of it was raised by the buy in of local marketing groups.

    As AISTP has funded all its works for the last two years from the pockets of the members, we know how important it is to have a duty of care to make sure the tax payers monies and the private sector monies are well spent, all work we undertake will go out to proper tender.

    I appreciate all the fantastic support we are getting from Industry, The Media and the public purse, and as an industry led body, we will always endeavour to get best value.

    Mike Story
    Argyll and The Isles Tourism

  • Hi Jane Allan

    Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance is right in the middle. HOTA is a founding member, and your representitive Carron Tobin is a director of AISTP and her speech at the summit was microblogged on For Argyll

    Hope this helps

  • As one of the team behind Argyll and the Isles Tourism, I wanted to add few figures and facts that might help folks see why we had to set AIT in motion.

    1) 17.9% of all fulltime jobs in Argyll and Bute are in tourism. Add in support services….tradesmen, suppliers,Food producers, transport etc, and the figure baloons.
    2) Direct Tourism revenues alone produce £218 million pounds in wages and profits in Argyll and Bute this adds up to 17% of ALL wages paid.
    3) Tourism is and is set to remain the largest single sector in Argyll and Bute.
    4) Tourism creates the shop window that showcases ALL Argyll and the Isles products

    Argyll and The Isles Tourism was set up by Industry, led by Industry and is run for the benefit of the Tourism industry in Argyll and Bute.
    We have created good public sector support, by working closly and demonstrating what industry really needs…not what local government thought it wanted…now they provide up with amazing support.
    Argyll and the Isles like many rural destinations has been losing market share and spend year on year since 2008/9 when the recession first hit home.
    We all need to massively increase the profile of Argyll and the Isles to be able to compete in a increasingly tough market.
    In short, we need everyone to get behind us and become an Argyll and the Isles brand ambassador.

Recent comments by Mike Story

  • New Kintyre Express boat to be named today ar RedBay
    Good Luck To Colin, Peter, Mairi and the team. Kintyre Express is a credit to Argyll and the Isles Tourism
  • Argyll and the Isles’ Secrets Collection: The Watchman
    A very big well done to For Argyll, for bringing us an insight into a hidden but facinating part of Argyll and The Isles history.

    I hope this will be the first of many such features and I for one would encourge everyone to share their own secret parts of Argyll and The Isles.

    Argyll and the Isles…come and share our treasures.

    Mike Story
    Argyll and The Isles Tourism

  • Argyll and the Isles Tourism Summit microblog
    Many thanks for this Micro Blog not everyone who wanted to be there could make it, as most of us are industry folks with businesses to run, so this really helped the people that didnt get to Portavadie.
  • Tourism engine for Argyll and the Isles a bright hope
    As one of the Organisers of the Portavadie Summit I can only apologise to anyone that didnt get an invite this year.

    I realised late on that several key folks who attended the first summit in Oban had been missed out due to a problem in deduplicting the lists. As For Argyll already know, I was still calling people up and checking if the invites had arrived at 11 pm on the day before the summit.

    We did get representatives from Inverary Marketing group, who are looked after on our board by Gavin Dick, but I am very sorry if we missed anyone out….we want to include everyone.

    MIke Story
    Argyll and the Isles Tourism

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