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Where’s Neil MacIntyre? …

Comment posted ARSN submission to Rural Education Commission by Barcaldine Tyger.

Where’s Neil MacIntyre?

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    Just found this thread. When they tried it on me I immediately contacted BT and they were totally apathetic. They simply didn’t want to know and didn’t care a jot. SO I then contacted the Fraud Squad in London. Very impressive. These guys are PROACTIVE – they agree with me that we should chase these bastards and punish them, not just sit back and suffer in silence. But they need INFORMATION from the public to do this. So,PLEASE, even though it’s a bit of a bother, do get in touch and REPORT what has happened to you in as much detail as possible. It’s the only way we will ever stand a chance of nailing the sods.
  • Oban Transit Marina: THE business case and the imperative to go-ahead
    The best of luck for the marina. But has anyone thought of the following:
    ‘Hebrides: Storm f 11 NW imminent’
    How will it all look the day after? And how much was the insurance policy (if there was one)? ‘The best laid plans (and moorings!!) of mice and men gang aft aglee’ (or something like that)
    Barcaldine Tyger
  • Herald loses judgment in blatantly political excursion on school closures
    I agree with the Doc. – the ‘cock up theory of history’ is often a more accurate account than ultra-Machiavellianism. Nonetheless, the fact remains that on 25th November 2010 the Naughty Nineteen (Independents, Lib Dems and Tories) voted to close 25 schools. The SNP would have none of it, and said so (not least with posters out in the car park at Kilmory) and have said so again more recently in their campaign literature. The moral is surely obvious to the electorate. And now we hear of this out-going adminstration queering the financial pitch for the new incumbents. What other mayhem will they get up to in the next three weeks?
  • More controversy as outgoing council Executive meets tomorrow on unexplained Education Capital budget
    It’s exactly what you’d expect from this lot: queering the pitch for the next administration. Typical. And the sooner they are all OUT the better. Three weeks to go, and counting……GRRR and more GRRR
  • Lomond North case highlights need for urgent reform of council social services
    Hmm Cleland Sneddon again. Pity he’s not a Councillor. We could vote him out. How DO you get rid of someone like that? (Legally, I mean…..) GRR

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