Just seems so wrong to dump good food …

Comment posted EC to use emergency powers to reduce volume of west coast haddock discards by phill.

Just seems so wrong to dump good food over the side, with so many hungry worldwide. Hope this measure helps.

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  • QM2 moored off Oban
    And Oban gets to pay more parking charges than the rest of the county. Swings and roundabouts ‘RegualarFlyer:
  • NIcola’s vanguard line-up at Forth Bridge
    Agreed Richard, in that the Independence referendum thing will happen with the blessing of the UK parliament. I will vote to remain in UK once again as its what i firmly believe. But the SNP bandwagon will take them over the line within 3 years i feel. Its democracy and thats that. I dont agree with their arithmetic but for our future genertaions sake i hope they are capable of running a good economy. that will be the hard bit and will take a few years to be proved right or wrong.
  • Leaders’ debate: no focus like the sight of the finish line
    I am not a Scotland downer. I’m a proud Scot, and always have been. I am realistic and I believe that the nationalist policies acannot possibly come to fruition as the figures simply do not add up. That is MY opinion, and because it is not to YOUR liking, does not make it less valid. You have to get to grips with the fact that in a democracy that is what happens.
    If i am wrong and we start to see better roads, more well paid jobs, (when these ‘Westminster baddies’ are out of the equation), through Scottish central government money i will be the first to say well done. Its just that logially i cant understand the arithmetic as well as yourself Machmoalian.
  • Leaders’ debate: no focus like the sight of the finish line
    You’ve hit the nail right on the head Simon. Scotland gets what it wished for and the SNP will be privately setting a timetable for the next referendum. Dont know how they will handle it when it comes to light after a few years they made false promises re FFA, uncosted continued spending, currency, etc etc etc, and after all they ditched Argyll and Bute Council and lost good guys in the process. We will just have to ride it out. If your household was in debt you would trim down money going out and get more in. Its basic to me but the snp apparently can give lots away, and if they can deliver i will be first to say so.
    They are well stage managed, quite silky generally with prerehearsed repetitive answers, and will bask in their moment of glory. It is democracy speaking so i hope that the faith is well founded.
  • Leaders’ debate: no focus like the sight of the finish line
    Didnt see her gatting much applause last night to be honest.

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5 Responses to Just seems so wrong to dump good food …

  1. Yes, a little bit of common sense at last. But only a little. While ever we are subject to the whims of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, many of whom brought up miles from any sea, there will be idiotic ‘laws’ like these.

    Heaven help us if we become ‘independent’ of the UK, only to fall into the clutches of Brussels. I can predict we will have far less ‘self determination’ than we ever have at the moment, for the stupidity of the fishing quotas runs through all the legislation of the EC, and their bureaucratic power is far greater than any at Westminster.

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    • Tony, Scotland’s fishing indutry is far greater than England’s but our “say” in Brussels is a wee man from Westminster. Once you have read the history of the whole sorry affair you may want to withdraw the last paragraph.
      We need an independent “say” in our fish and loads of other things, BRING IT ON.

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      • I tend to agree that the ‘wee man from Westminster’ probably didn’t listen hard enough to our man and didn’t shout loud enough in Brussels. And yes, we should have more ‘say’ in many things.

        I’m just concerned that we may swap from one ‘master’ that we know well and to a certain extent is accountable, to one much larger, more powerful, with less accountability, where our ‘say’, if it is heard at all, will be completely ignored.

        On the other hand, maybe I’m just getting too old for change. :-)

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