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I am stunned by this news. Al was …

Comment posted Sad loss of Councillor Al Reay by Richard Trail.

I am stunned by this news. Al was talking to me the other night about how he had been up until 1am writing out the motion for the planning hearing in Helensburgh last week. That is how I remember him, hard working, never seeking the limelight, always courteous. He is a great losss to the community.

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  • RIP Helensburgh town centre: Waitrose out of town location approved
    Your prognosis for the town centre is dire indeed. It is not one that is shared by many residents of the town. We may have been dazzled by the smooth talking salesmen from Waitrose and blind to the catastrophe which you suggest will befall the town. It is a pity that the clear sighted majority, which you claim exists, did not turn out in numbers at the hearing todaay, and tear the rose tinted glasses from our eyes.
    A more positive vision for the town is now that something is happening, we are getting a new food store for which the public have waited many years, a new pool and leisure centre is promised, the town square is to be revamped and the west esplanade is to be given a facelift. Surely there is something to celebrate in that.
  • Helensburgh retailers full of positivity – for town centre Waitrose
    The Hoskins proposal is for 2 buildings, one the leisure centre facing the water and the other facing Clyde Street for retail.
    So it appears that the only change that he needs to make is add a Waitrose sign on the retail unit.
    You are being a little disingenuous in saying there is a minority with a loud voice pulling the development to the wrong place. As a community councillor I was helping at their desk getting people to fill in an exit survey from teh consultation event. The survey result of 70% opposed to a big box supermarket on the pier head site was no surprise after hearing the comments of the public. The majority who you suggest favoured the pier head site voted with their feet and conspicuously failed to attend.
    It is unfortunate that the planning for this prime site appears to being rushed and I certainly agree that it would be beneficial if the exciting proposal by Gareth Hoskins could be given a fair hearing before irrevocable decisions are made.
  • Scottish Referendum must ask us three questions
    A referendum works best when a straight forward question is asked and a Yes/No answer expected. Adding extra questions may seem simple to the erudite edtitor of this website, but it will simple muddy the waters for the ordinary voter. Keep it simple.
  • Freeman challenge underlines management crisis at National Park
    The lavatorial arrangements are described as ‘profoundly unhygienic’ with no further explanation. I am left puzzled as to why this should be self evident. Is the location of the lavatory a key element in whether it is hygienic or not? Is it unhygienic for kitchen staff to be ‘outside’ in their whites? I just don’t get it.
    If it is these outside lavatories are known to be particularly dirty with inadequate washing facilities then that is cause for concern. But ‘profoundly unhygienic’ sounds over the top.
  • National Association of Small Schools backs SRSN as Russell confirms intent to legislate
    As the Labour spokesperson on Health issues in the last parliament, Jackie has an unenviable record. She fell in with the party line to oppose the proposal to bring in minimum pricing of alcolhol, despite it being almost universally recommended by those working in the field. There was an opportunity to support a piece of public health legislation to improve the lives of Scotland’s future generations. She chose to spurn that for petty party considerations. She also continues to denigrate the Vale of Leven Hospital though the Health Board have been persuaded to give it a positive future. It is hard to know what she stand for, easy to see what she is against.

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