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Robert is quite right that the areas shown …

Comment posted Marine Scotland identifies 15 new Scottish sea areas for offshore wind by Alex McKay.

Robert is quite right that the areas shown on the map are indicative only showing areas for “research” and NOT areas which will inevitably have windfarms. Indeed, this map should not have come as quite such a surprise to Newsroom, with their highly emotive and ridiculously OTT language “the recoil of a rape”, as this looks like a redraw of a map published last March by Offshore Wind Scotland, a consortium of HIE, SE and the Scottish Goverment:
The new map enlarges some of the areas, especially in the Clyde, but the indication of joining Islay to Barra and blocking the north end of the Minch were on the earlier map.

Alex McKay also commented

  • Newsroom. I don’t deny you legitimate concern, but you appear to have decided when writing your article to assume that all the areas indicated would end up completely covered in turbines, which a reading of the whole report instead of a glance at just one of the maps it contains would have made clear, so in my view your language was unwarranted, e.g. “unhinged”, “brutalist”,”rape”, “effectively unnavigable”, Frankenstein deskbound madness”. Offshore wind developments are going to happen, and what this new report deserves is cogent argument and considered responses not an OTT reaction such as yours.

Recent comments by Alex McKay

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    AS. I see your capacity for self-delusion is still working well. Not only are Yes voters still trailing badly, but a majority of Scottish voters have said they don’t want another indyref. Unfortunately, the FM has to keep raising the subject because of braindead Nats like yourself pushing her where she doesn’t want to go.
  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    He’s not just getting things muddled up, he is now into time travel, telling us what happened in January 2017!
  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    I gather that Mike Russell is going to convene the meeting and seems to be promising that, by getting the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and CalMac into one room together with the ferry users of Islay, a contingency plan will be produced, something which none of those three parties had apparently thought necessary to have before. Why not would seem to be a good first question. I’m unsure why it has to take up to two months to convene such a meeting. What’s wrong with next week? However, one can only expect a typical politician’s response from a politician. Offering a meeting in two months time takes the immediate heat off the government who, though, need reminding time and again that they are the actually owners of the ferry company. In the meantime, the Finlaggan apparently had a problem with one of its ramps this morning while her mezzanine floor, which has been broken for months, can’t be repaired until she dry-docks. Heigh-ho. While my friends keep telling me of the joys of living on Islay, it must surely lose its attraction a little bit when you can’t get on and off the island when you want to.
  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    I’ve been told that the “obvious” ferry to come and help out on the Islay route would be the Isle of Arran, but its current certification means that it can’t leave the Clyde – supposedly sheltered waters – with the added restriction of the wind speed as TTT has said. Information from Campbeltown suggests that it is rarely more than 20–30% full so had it been fully seaworthy transferring it to the Islay route would not have inconvenienced too many people – certainly not as many as are being seriously inconvenienced on the Islay route. It is, after all, possible to reach Campbeltown by road!
    Regarding the Finlaggan’s mezzanine deck, this is being operated manually by the crew, or so I understand, adding half an hour or more to the turnround time.
  • SNP Deputy Party Leader contest sees post-Brexit carpetbagger challenge Angus Robertson
    AS’s postings here clearly show that he has nothing constructive to say. He follows closely in the footsteps of other infantile posters – anyone remember “Nae Fear Here” or “Hugh Jazz”, or is AS merely another incarnation of a singularly braindead SNP supporter?

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