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Robert is quite right that the areas shown …

Comment posted Marine Scotland identifies 15 new Scottish sea areas for offshore wind by Alex McKay.

Robert is quite right that the areas shown on the map are indicative only showing areas for “research” and NOT areas which will inevitably have windfarms. Indeed, this map should not have come as quite such a surprise to Newsroom, with their highly emotive and ridiculously OTT language “the recoil of a rape”, as this looks like a redraw of a map published last March by Offshore Wind Scotland, a consortium of HIE, SE and the Scottish Goverment:
The new map enlarges some of the areas, especially in the Clyde, but the indication of joining Islay to Barra and blocking the north end of the Minch were on the earlier map.

Alex McKay also commented

  • Newsroom. I don’t deny you legitimate concern, but you appear to have decided when writing your article to assume that all the areas indicated would end up completely covered in turbines, which a reading of the whole report instead of a glance at just one of the maps it contains would have made clear, so in my view your language was unwarranted, e.g. “unhinged”, “brutalist”,”rape”, “effectively unnavigable”, Frankenstein deskbound madness”. Offshore wind developments are going to happen, and what this new report deserves is cogent argument and considered responses not an OTT reaction such as yours.

Recent comments by Alex McKay

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I wonder if A Salmon would like to reflect on his last post indicating that the Unionists would suffer in the general election. Oh, how little people’s childish remarks come back to bite them. A commentator on the radio pondered how Sturgeon (who lost 21 MPs) had the cheek to urge May (who lost just 12 MPs) to resign. If anyone should resign, it’s Sturgeon!
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    This is what I asked AS a few days ago: “Tell me, AS, because neither Sturgeon nor Salmond seem able to, what currency will Scotland use if it becomes independent? Obviously the answer hasn’t come through from SNP Central so the poor little boy can’t tell me.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Tell me, AS, because neither Sturgeon nor Salmond seem able to, what currency will Scotland use if it becomes independent?
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Did Ms Minor really say that, AS? According to a report I’ve read today, she said that Scotland would have to join a queue including the likes of Montenegro and Macedonia. She also said that the official EU line is that there will be no new admissions before 2020. She also managed to say it without resorting to the kind of childish language that you regularly indulge in. Grow up, little boy.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    A top European official said yesterday that an independent Scotland would not still be a member of the EU and that it could take several years to join and would include using the Euro as its currency. Is that really what you are looking forward to, AS?

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